How Olshan Foundation Repair is using ArcSite | Podcast Webinar

by Patrick Caldwell

Our ArcSite Essentials August Webinar brings you a recorded interview with ArcSite customer, Olshan Foundation Repair.

In the webinar, we take a deep-dive into how this foundation repair company uses ArcSite to complete more jobs in a day. Plus, go behind-the-curtain to look at how the tool has helped their business continue to grow. This webinar was previously recorded on Thursday, August 6th.

We will discuss how easily Olshan employees adopted the tool, the successes they had while setting the system up, and how it’s allowed them to have more natural and consultative interactions with clients.

This week's webinar is an audio podcast between our head of customer success, Patrick Caldwell and Olshan's own Shawn DeShazer. 



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