ArcSite Essentials - April

by Larry Lynch


Covered in this Webinar:


What they are

Reusable symbols

Where / How you access

What is available by default

  • Basic
  • Empty My Shapes
  • Adding and Removing

Creating them

What to start with

  • Draw
  • Import
  • DWG services

Mechanism for creating

  • Colors, letters, life like
  • Name - Size - Snapping points
  • Where they appear


  • Simple
  • Break apart for more complex
  • Mechanism

Managing Your "My Shapes"


Adding Snapping points

Using Shapes

Dropping in


Recent vs. All

Shared Company shape library

  • What that means
  • Considerations - Single owner
  • Others accessing -Syncing


How - create a Shape based Product


  • Pricing / Estimates
  • Takeoff / Bill of Materials

Create bid-winning customer estimates through drawing a picture

ArcSite is an easy-to-use CAD app, created to help in-home sales professionals save time, close more deals, and stand out from their competition.

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