Pinnacle Power Services


Saving Thousands Every Day

Pinnacle Power Services (PPS) took over a project with one week lead time where over 1800 maps were used to map underground utilities. Previous contractors were using a shared drive to access the maps or paper versions, using up approximately two hours of planning and wasted productivity per night.

The ArcSite team worked with PPS to integrate our data collection methods with the ArcSite app in an efficient and easy to use manner. The savings to the owner included a reduction in crew size from approximately 20 persons to 12. With ArcSite integrated into our workflow we were able to ensure a continuous, uninterrupted work flow leading to increased focus and productivity.

— “This meant a nightly savings of 2 hours gained in productivity over 12 crew members (24 man-hours increased productivity) with a reduction in crew size of 8 personnel, savings thousands of dollars per day”

ArcSite has also brought tour team the capability to more productively and accurately capture data at the field level with great detail. What has been increasingly impressive is the ease and happiness our employees have had with the app.

— “Where ArcSite succeeds where other similar apps fall short is the simplicity of the app’s use combined with the precision and the built in capabilities”

Ever impressing is it is just the beginning for ArcSite, as their updates and releases continue to give users broadening functionality increasing both the app and user’s effectiveness and performance.

We use ArcSite at the Enterprise level and currently have 5 users and plan on equipping more users as we grow. Pinnacle Power Services also share the vision of customer excellence ArcSite has demonstrated and PPS will continue to use ArcSite and are excited to see their company and app excel.


CNT Foundations


Saving Time, Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Improving Communication
and Work Processes with ArcSite

CNT Foundations, a leading South Carolina foundation stabilization and structural repair contractor was looking for a better way to create more professional and precise drawings to share with their clients. They approach each potential job with an eye to understanding the entire structure and want to present that holistic view as part of their solution.

Prior to ArcSite, their initial data collection and design ideation was hand drawn on three carbon paper. This time consuming process did not allow as much clarity or detail within the drawing. As such, the drawings were not easy for the clients to understand.

…This time consuming process did not allow as much clarity or detail within the drawing. As such, the drawings were not easy for the clients to understand.




Precise Professional Plans

Now on each job site, they use ArcSite to diagram the entire house and then pinpoint the areas that need work. Using Arcsite’s shape library as well as some they quickly developed on our own, they can easily show customers exactly where they are doing, what type of work. Additionally, having the ability to create before and after work photos to share with the customer has proven invaluable. The end result here is more satisfied customers.

— “We can easily show customers exactly where we are doing, what type of work. – Ed VanOsdol, Sales Manager for CNT Foundations”

In addition to meeting their goal of creating more professional looking drawings, CNT has seen other unintended but powerful benefits.

— “ArcSite is not only helping us provide better customer service and saving time, it has also helped increase productivity and accuracy on the job site”

Better Communication within the office – The communication between our estimators and our service crews has become much simpler and less time consuming. Any of our crew, whether they speak English or Spanish, can understand the diagram and know what materials to load for the job and where those materials are to be installed on each job.

Time Savings

ArcSite saves us at least an hour each day. It saves us time during:

  • Estimating the job on site
  • Planning meetings with the project managers
  • Every day when the crews are loading and heading to job sites

— “ArcSite saves us at least an hour each day.”

Looking Forward

Our service crews have already brought in several new ideas on how we can improve our drawings to help them more.

We have been working directly with the folks at ArcSite. It has been great to see our suggestions for improvements implemented and to be able to use them in the field to help improve our customer service. The staff at ArcSite is available for questions or suggestions, and always quick to respond.

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