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How to Create Custom Reusable Shapes in a CAD Drawing

Wondering how to create custom reusable shapes in a CAD drawing? We have developed a solution that allows you to create custom shapes that can be used over and over again in CAD drawings.

This is so easy that you don’t need any training whatsoever to do this. All you need is the CAD app for iPad called ArcSite.

Read on to learn how to create custom reusable shapes in a CAD drawing program that’s easier to use than AutoCAD and other CAD drawing apps for iPad. But first, we will give you an overview of ArcSite so that you understand why it will benefit you significantly more than other technical drawing apps.

What is ArcSite and Why Should I Use it for Creating Custom Shapes?


In addition to being easy CAD software for creating custom reusable shapes, ArcSite is all of the following, plus more:

  • The easiest CAD software for drawing, viewing and editing CAD drawings
  • A collaborative tool that keeps your entire team on the same page with co-editing, change-tracking, and sharing
  • An effective field tool for creating checklists and custom forms for collecting accurate data that is made immediately accessible to “the office”
  • A takeoff generator that uses the shapes in the CAD drawings to automatically pull quantities and qualities of materials into a takeoff document for accurate estimates
  • A flexible yet simple CAD app that allows you to read, edit and export a variety of formats including DWG, PDF, and CSV
  • Simple mobile CAD software that feels as natural as freehand drawing on paper and interprets your freehand drawing into perfect lines and arcs as you draw
  • A time-saving tool that enables you to eliminate the tedious task of transferring data from paper to your computer
  • Easy CAD software for iPad that doubles as a sales tool to demonstrate concepts immediately in front of your customers and impress them with slick, easy-to-comprehend drawings
  • A convenient way to carry your drawings and a centralized hub for all documents related to the project
  • A tool for creating and saving shapes at “industry standard sizes” so that each time they are dropped on screen, they are sized appropriately
  • A tool that the experts in the office can use to define parameters for the shapes used in CAD drawings, and that the field users can use to easily drop consistent shapes into drawings
  • A means to create a library of shapes and symbols that your entire organization can access as to promote consistency in data and drawings

Create Custom Reusable Shapes in a CAD Drawing with these Three Steps

  1. Download a free trial of ArcSite for your iPad.
  2. Once in the app, select anything on the canvas, whether it is something you drew or imported.
  3. Give it a name and choose to save it at a particular size and unit.

If you would like an even easier way to create reusable custom shapes in CAD to insert into your drawings, we offer this as a service to our clients. This way, you get exactly what you’re looking for pre-loaded into your ArcSite account without needing to create the shapes yourself.

Please contact us to inquire about custom shape services at ArcSite.

Now that you know how to create custom reusable shapes in a CAD drawing, you’ll want to experience ArcSite for yourself! Create and insert custom shapes in CAD today with ease and without needing to learn any confusing commands or complex steps.

Ready to Try ArcSite?

Try ArcSite today for free and never deal with confusing CAD software again.

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