Using ArcSite for As-builts or Redlines

You want to have a flexible toolset to ensure you capture every detail needed for your As-built. ArcSite can be used throughout construction to track these changes and/or at the end to create the end record drawing.

Regardless where you are in the process, there are a number of tools in ArcSite that make the collection and notation easy and provides a professional and accurate output.

Here are the individual steps show in the overview video above

  1. Open up your existing PDF and scale it by defining one known distance
  2. Markup with Text and Mark up Shapes
  3. Use ArcSite Shapes for quick visuals
  4. Add measurements manually or in bulk
  5. Adding marked up site photos will allow you to always “remember” this project
  6. Use forms to collect overall site information
  7. Get you work out of the app (and into the next app or persons hands) with uploading to the ArcSite cloud account and or exporting directly out of the app.

What to do next?

The next thing most folks want to do is to try it out for themselves. We can help here. Please feel free to reach out here – or at 1 (888) 266-1843. We can work with you to make sure you are up and running as soon as possible.