Product Attributes

Overview of Attributes

Product Attributes are information that you want to collect for any product used on a drawing. These are separate from the automatically collected “Quantity” attribute or any defined pricing information.

There are 2 types of custom attributes

  1. Predefined – The attribute value is already defined and is collected automatically without any user interaction. An example for this type might be static info like a model number for a piece of equipment.
  2. The attribute value needs to be collected on site. In this case, users can answer one to many pre-created questions to gather the information. Examples are endless here, but some could be; wattage for light fixture, size for many things, configurations, etc.

These attributes can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and used post site visit to present a more comprehensive view of the client site.

Define the Attributes to Collect

  1. Start the Product creation process
  2. Tap on Add Attribute at bottom of dialog
  3. Choose to the answer be one that is Predefined or that will be Collected in the field
  4. If Predefined, enter the value
  5. If Collected in the field, choose the type of field presented and any necessary pre-filled options.
  6. Note – You can use the Photo-Image option to take and associate a specific site photo with a specific instance of a product.

Use the Attributes in the App

Once a product has been added to the canvas:

  1. Ensure it is the actively selected object
  2. Tap on Attributes icon on the lower left corner of screen
  3. Fill in Attributes answers
  4. Tap Save and Close button