Make Multiple Copies, at a Certain Distance and Direction with the Array tool

You can select an object on screen and make a series of copies, at a certain distance from each other, and in two different directions with the Array feature.

Access and Use

The array tool is accessible from the bottom toolbar option – Edit

  1. Activate Array option
  2. Optionally choose between the 2 array modes (See section below) by toggling the icon in the lower left of the pop up dialog
  3. Select the object you want to copy
  4. Change the number of rows or columns by tapping in and changing the relevant X numbers ( for example here the 2x or 3x) or by dragging on the green arrow lines
  5. Change the distance between object by tapping in and changing the ft numbers ( for example the 14′ or 9′)
  6. Change the angle by tapping in and changing the degree listed (for example 0 here)
  7. Use the icons in the bottom to: Step back one step, close down operation, Accept the work done.

The 2 Modes

Distance – Place arrayed objects on screen simply by dragging your finger across the screen.

Quantity – Specify the number of objects to array