How to Select Objects – Single & Multiple Options

Select objects in one of three way:

  1. Single select – Tap on an object. Tap another object to continue making a cumulative set of selected objects
  2. Multiple select option – Box Select (rectangular)
  3. Multiple select option – Free Select (freeform)

To change the selection mode:

  1. Press and hold the Select icon (top icon on toolbar)
  2. Sub options will appear
  3. Previously used mode will already be selected by default
  4. Select desired mode

Advanced hints

Box select – The direction you select items changes what gets selected

  • Select left to right – your select path must cover the entire object in order for it to be included in the overall selection
  • Select from right to left – you only need to select anywhere on an object for it to be included in the selection

Add or remove individual objects to a selection – Once a selection has been made, you can simply tap on individual objects to add or remove them from the overall selection.