Duplicate/Copy or Delete a Drawing

There are two ways to delete and copy/duplicate drawings.

  • One at a time
  • Multiple drawings at once

One at a time

Individual drawings are deleted or copied/duplicated from within a project on the Drawings screen.

Tap the details icon for the drawing you want



  1. Near the top of the Drawing Details pane, tap the Duplicate icon
  2. Select which project you want the duplicate to reside
  3. Then tap the Duplicate button to finish


  1. At the bottom center of the Drawing Details pane, tap the Delete icon (Red trash can)
  2. Choose your desired delete option
  3. Confirm Action by tapping Delete on pop up


Delete Options

If the drawing has already been uploaded to the ArcSite cloud account, there will be 2 delete options available.

  1. Delete from Cloud – This will permanently delete the drawing. There is no way to restore the drawing once this has occurred.
  2. Delete from Device – After deleting in this manner, it is still possible to download the drawing if a version has already been uploaded to the cloud.

Multiple drawings at once

In order to delete or copy a project you need to be in the “Manage” mode.

  1. Tap on Select link at top right on the project’s screen
  2. Select one or more drawings
  3. Tap either the Copy or Delete icons that will have appeared at the top left corner
  4. If copying/duplicating, choose the Project in the subsequent dialog
  5. If deleting, acknowledge your choice
  6. Select Done link to exit the Manage mode