Drawing Lines, Arcs and Shapes (Draw tool)

ArcSite allows for drawing with precision or freehand. There are 5 types of drawing tools: Continuous Lines, Continuous Lines & Arcs, Line/Arc, Freehand, and Rectangle.

Continuous Lines

The Continuous Lines option allows for a “Just like pen and paper” experience. Draw without ever lifting your finger or stylus. It also disallows for unwanted arcs or curves.

USE WHEN – You need to quickly draw out something and want only straight lines.

Continuous Lines & Arcs

The Continuous Lines & Arcs option is very similar to the one above but also allows you to create curves and arcs.

USE WHEN –  You need to quickly draw out something and do not want to be restricted to only straight lines.

Line / Arc

The Lines / Arc option allows you to precisely draw one segment at a time.

USE WHEN – You want the most control over how the lines appear (Examples – trying to get a particular angle or otherwise non-straight line)


The freehand option provides a more fluid imprecise type of drawing.

USE WHEN – You want to draw without precision.


The Rectangle option allows to simply to draw a rectangle / square by starting at one corner and dragging to another.

USE WHEN – You want a square or rectangular shape as quickly as possible.