Delete – Trim – Undo (Instead of Erase)

ArcSite offers a number of ways of removing objects from the canvas.

This article covers Deleting and Trimming. While there is currently no explicit Erase tool, you can accomplish the same goal using one or both of the other options.

  1. Deleting one or more objects
  2. Trimming an object
  3. How to erase just a part of a drawing
  4. Undo Previous Operations

Deleting one or more objects

  1. Select one or more objects you want to delete.
  2. The Delete icon appears at the bottom left corner of the canvas
  3. Tap to delete the current selected object

Trimming an object

ArcSite’s Trim feature allows you to remove sections of an object.

  1. Select 2nd to bottom icon on right side toolbar
  2. Drag across the segment or object you want trimmed
  3. As you are dragging, the segment that will be trimmed will appear in red
  4. Once you lift your finger/stylus, it will be gone

Undo previous operations

You can undo one to multiple previous operations by tapping on the Undo arrow that appears in the top left corner of the canvas.

How to erase just a part of a line or wall

A common question heard is “How do I cut an existing wall so I can place a window/ door in it?

Using the Trim tool (described above) you can cut out any part of a line.