Create your own “Shape Library”

As great as shapes are, they may not be perfect ( sized wrong, incorrect, need tweaking, etc.). You can certainly end up with more shapes than you need, spread out over multiple tabs.

  1. A default set that ships with the app
  2. Libraries that you have added
  3. Any Shapes you have created on your own

This article shows you how to create a single subset relevant for you. You can:

  1. Edit them (resize, colors, add/remove elements, etc.)
  2. Defining how they snap to other objects, great for placing them faster and more accurately
  3. Changing their names to terms that you and your team would use
  4. Saving them as your own subset

Note – The original shapes will still be available from the Shapes panel. You will be saving any changed shapes as new shapes owned by you and your team only.

Make small edits to a shape

  1. Drop an existing shape onto the canvas
  2. Ensure it is selected/active
  3. Tap the Color & Styles icon in the lower left corner
  4. Save the new shape (more on this later)

Make larger or more extensive changes

Existing shapes can be broken back into their original individual pieces. At that point all options are available, just as if you were making it for the first time.

To break a shape into pieces

  1. Drop an existing shape onto the canvas
  2. Ensure it is selected/active
  3. Tap the More icon in the lower left corner of the screen
  4. Tap Break Apart

You can make all sorts of changes then:

  1. Change colors for part of the shape
  2. Add or remove text
  3. Change lines styles, thickness, color, lengths, etc.

Make Shapes always appear at a given size and unit

You may have noticed that some of the shapes that ship with the app appear at the “wrong size”. If you want a shape to always appear at a given size, do the following.

  1. Drop a shape on screen and break apart
  2. Change it to the desired size and unit
  3. Tap the Create Shape icon shown on the lower left corner of the canvas
  4. Toggle on the Remember Size & Unit option on the bottom of the New Shape dialog
  5. Save.

Now when those shapes are dropped on screen, they will always come in at the same size and unit.

Define how Shapes “snap” to other objects

You can define “snap points” for your shapes so that when they come up against another screen objects, they can snap to edges or center, etc. This can really speed up placement of your shapes.

  1. Select a Shape
  2. Tap Create Shape icon
  3. Tap Edit Snap Points
  4. Define Snap Points simply by tapping
  5. Tap Done

Name Your Shapes

As part of the Saving process, you must give the shape a name.