Create Products

You can associate equipment, services, etc. with either an ArcSite Shape or to geometries types (lines or areas) to create a what we call a Product.

Information collected by Products can be used to automatically create Takeoff Schedules/Material Lists and/or Customer Proposals.

Setting up your ArcSite Products is a simple process. You will define each product with regards.

  1. How it will appear visually
  2. Pricing information
  3. If there are other questions that field folks need to answer
  4. Putting them into logical groups (Categories)

Create a Product

Step 1 – Navigate to the My Products screen on the ArcSite User Site

Step 2 – Specify a Category

Pick an existing category or create a new category (tap +Create Product button above Categories section) where the Product will live. Categories are used to group your Products within the app.

Step 3 – Create the Product

  1. Tap the Create Product in the top right corner of the Product Screen
  2. Depending on the Product Type (Line, Area, Shape) you choose, you will be able to define the visual from available Shapes, line styles or area styles. Below shows the options available for a Line/Arc Product
  3. Price and Description are optional fields
  4. Custom Attributes allow for collection of additional information (see section below)

Custom Attributes

Depending on your use case, you may want to collect one to many other pieces of information using Products.

There are two types of custom attributes

  1. Predefined – The attribute value is already defined and is collected automatically without any user interaction. An example for this type might be static info like a model number for a piece of equipment.
  2. The attribute value needs to be collected on site. In this case, users can answer one to many pre-created questions to gather the information. Examples are endless here, but some could be; wattage for light fixture, size for many things, configurations, etc.
  3. You can use the Photo-Image option to take and associate a site photo with any instance of a product.