Choose how ArcSite behaves – Settings

The Setting Panel is accessible from the top right corner of the app.

Settings for Common Tasks or “Issues”

Choosing a unit (Metric / Imperial)  – Choose the top option – Units and Precision 

Choosing how precise measurements will appear (1′ vs. 1′ 1″ all the way down to 1/64″ ) – Choose Units and Precision 

Changing how things snap to each other

  1. Object Snap – This top level option turns on and off all of the individual snap options at once
  2. Object Snap Settings – lets you choose from all of the individual snap options. Note if you are going to be drawing from the blank canvas, suggestion is to toggle on the Grid option.

Changing the Grid – The optional grid makes manual drawing easier. The grid options in include:

  1. Showing or hiding
  2. Choosing a grid cell size
  3. Whether objects will snap to the grid.
  4. These topics are discussed in more detail in this article – Grid Options

The app is automatically changing existing lines in unexpected ways after changing another line.
Turning off the Smart Dimension option will stop the app from automatically changing “related”  lines for a closed object.

All Options