Best IPad Floor Plan App For Professionals

Best IPad Floor Plan App For Professionals

The number of Floor Plan Apps in App Stores saw an explosive increase in 2018. The trend seems to continue in 2019 with users still complaining about clunky interfaces and clamped feature sets. While there are some great apps out there, they also tend to get expensive as the needs of the project increase.

Many CAD programs have odd limitations in their features. Often these come as a surprise to new CAD drafters and floor planners. For instance, being able to create your own blocks, shapes, and symbols to store for use later in the app should be non-negotiable. Yet this is something that you can’t find in even the most well-known iPad CAD apps.

A Modern Alternative

The legacy floor plan apps needed a challenger and hence ArcSite was born. ArcSite was built as a mobile-first app, not as an afterthought to a desktop version of the software. This is unlike most mobile CAD drawing apps, which are built as extensions of their desktop versions.

This causes gaps in functionality and clunkiness that doesn’t translate well to a good iPad experience. ArcSite was built to be powerful, fast and as easy as possible on the iPad, with just about zero learning time involved.

A Powerful Floor Plan Solution Built From Scratch

When you draw floor plans from scratch on the iPad with ArcSite, it feels like drawing with pencil and paper. The app interprets free-hand motion and converts it to precise shapes and lines, as well as records the dimensions in the background. You can create and store a library of your own shapes for the floor plans, or you can choose from ArcSite’s pre-populated library of commonly used shapes and blocks. It’s like being at the drafting table, but faster and easier.

Flexible UI for Editing Floor Plans

When you edit floor plans on the iPad with ArcSite, you get a fast and smooth experience. Re-do’s are simple and changes are tracked in the app as you make them. This way, you can see the edit history for any plan and remember exactly what had changed.

Cloud Collaboration for Your Plans

Collaborating on drawing plans has never been easier. ArcSite allows you to invite team members to work on the drawing with you, and you get to see who made what changes. For the stakeholders who aren’t on your drafting team, you can export and share the plans with them in a variety of formats right from the app. It only takes a couple of taps on the touchscreen.

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