ArcSite is
CAD for everyone.

ArcSite is much more than an easy-to-use tool for precise and accurate drawings on the go, but also a new skillset to help you advance your career and business. 

CAD design is integral to everything around us, from the car you take to work to the house that you call home. These designs used to only be achievable by engineers on high-powered desktop computers. 

Now with ArcSite, anyone with a desire to learn and an iPad can design anything, anywhere.

Our Team


Pei Zhan

CEO & Founder

During his tenure at Autodesk, Pei realized that CAD should be made more accessible and easier to learn. After going off on his own to build ArcSite, he was able to assemble a team to fulfill his vision of eliminating the barriers to CAD design. During his spare time, Pei enjoys playing tennis with his friends and family.

Noah Lantz

Account Executive

Noah found ArcSite while working as a gutter contractor and saw a huge potential in the technology. He made the transition to ArcSite to help share his experience and product knowledge with other businesses around the world.

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Patrick Caldwell

Customer Success

Patrick has been building software for over 26 years. He loves the constant ambiguity, the need for creativity, and building tools that improve the lives of his clients. Patrick is blessed with 3 lovely children, a wonderful wife, and life. 

Andrew Humitz

Customer Success

Andrew takes pride in providing the best experience and results possible for customers. His role is to help develop, implement, and support ArcSite’s solutions for customers. Outside the office, you’d be likely to find him on the golf course, hanging out with his puppy Otto, or trying out a new podcast.


Larry Lynch


Larry specializes in SAAS B2B marketing. Larry loves helping businesses reach their goals through digital content, CRM and CMS automation, and product development. Outside of digital marketing, Larry loves podcasts, mountain bikes, snowboarding, and craft beer from Michigan.

Brandon Ausbrooks


Brandon is passionate about marketing automation and inbound marketing. He loves the challenge of making sure ArcSite reaches the people who need it most and how to do it efficiently. When he’s not working you can find him cooking, reading, or spending time with his girlfriend and dog.


Alex Blohm

Business Development

Alex loves working at ArcSite because it gives him the opportunity to talk with business owners, project managers, and sales professionals to help them improve their processes. When he is not at work you can find him outside spending time with his two dogs.

Reed Hondzinski

Account Executive

Reed loves helping companies save time, produce cleaner drawings & proposals, and most importantly keep their employees happy. Outside of work, he loves to travel and more recently renovating his house. He also loves spending the nights and weekends cheering on any Detroit sports team and the Michigan State Spartans. Go green!


Sen Hong


Sen Hong is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate with experience in both web application development and machine learning. Sen works with the ArcSite team to deliver uncompromising experiences for clients with a vision to build a tech-driven and seamless life cycle.

Zhanpeng Liang


Zhanpeng came to the U.S. five years ago and studied at the University of Southern California. He likes messing around with different technologies and is happy to have the chance to wear multiple hats on the team. While working remotely, he enjoys cooking at home.

Our Values


Take Risks

We aren't afraid to try new things or take risks. When we attempt new things that do not work, that is when we learn the most.

Operate with Transparency

We communicate internally and externally with honesty, respect, and integrity.

Constantly Improve

We are constantly trying to be better today than we were yesterday.

Start with the Customer

The customer is our top priority. Everyday we're focused on making their experience with ArcSite the best it possibly can. We appreciate that businesses rely on our product, and we will not let them down.

Own It

We hold ourselves accountable for outcomes, good and bad. We don’t pass the blame or the glory.