Mobile CAD Software that Helps You Win More Project Bids

If you’re in the market for CAD software, you might as well choose mobile CAD software that helps you win more project bids for construction, engineering and more.

An easy way to set yourself apart from competitors, win new business and foster client loyalty is by using cutting-edge technology. Best of all, this can be done without breaking the bank.

Read on to learn how ArcSite’s mobile CAD software helps you win more bids.

Mobile CAD Software for Better Field Sales

When you invest in CAD software, you should be investing in mobile CAD software that you can use on a tablet. But first, you need to make sure that the mobile CAD software checks a few important boxes.

First and foremost you should look for a drafting experience that is as intuitive and accessible to new users as possible regardless of their level of CAD experience.

mobile cad software for winning more bids

The second piece of this is that the software should be powerful enough to improve your productivity without compromising practicality and the essentials you need to do your job.

The third piece of this is that the CAD software should be fully mobile so you can use this as a replacement to using pencil and paper in the field—and avoid going back to the office to polish your deliverables.

The fourth quality to look for in CAD software is that its output conveys a high level of professionalism at every touch point so that you can make a positive impression on clients and win more bids. We’ll go into more detail about this below.

Faster Turnarounds on Drawings & Estimates

Our mobile CAD software app gives you the advantage of faster turnarounds on drawings and construction estimates.

Drawing with ArcSite is quicker and easier than drawing with pencil and paper. This, coupled with the power to create quick takeoffs by collecting data from your drawings, reduces your takeoff production time by 80%. This means you get takeoff deliverables and estimates delivered to your clients faster than your competitors.

benefits of cad software for estimating construction projects

A quick takeoff created from plans using ArcSite

This is one way choosing the right CAD software can help you maintain the highest level of professionalism and stay ahead of the competition, thus helping you win more bids.

Demonstrate Concepts in Front of Clients in just Seconds

ArcSite’s mobile flexibility enables you to take your CAD software on-the-go as the perfect sales tool.

mobile cad software to help you win more project bids

Our interface is so clean and intuitive that you can demonstrate concepts in front of clients on the spot on your tablet. You can even pull up plans and photos from previous projects as a way to further demonstrate what you’ve achieved for other clients.

With high precision and a client-ready professional display, ArcSite’s CAD app for iPad is sure to make a lasting impression.

There’s no need to drive back to your office or hotel first to redo those paper plans using CAD software. Just drag your finger or stylus pen over your tablet screen to begin drawing a concept sketch for a client. Save it and work off of that later in the office (or wherever)!

mobile cad software to win more construction bids

With ArcSite, there’s no need to re-do plans using your desktop computer.

Whether you are on a job site, in a client meeting or in between destinations, you have the ability to mark up existing PDF plans and photos, and create new plans from scratch. No drafting table, pen, paper or rulers required.

What’s more, ArcSite gives you the ability to associate photos with their specific locations on a drawing. You can also quickly draw over a photo that you or your client captures on site, or even on a Google Maps image.

Maintain Smooth Job Progress for Good Client Relations

We understand how out-of-date information can turn a job into a headache for everyone involved. When you use ArcSite, you maintain smooth job progress that helps you earn repeat business and referrals.

When you use our easy CAD software, you have access to all versions of a drawing and can see who made changes, when they made those changes and where the changes were made in the drawing. With an emphasis on easy collaboration and file sharing, you can import drawings, co-edit and export in a variety of formats to share directly anyone within just a couple taps of your screen.

how to win more construction bids

Due to the consistency ArcSite allows you to maintain throughout project phases, your clients, team, vendors and all other stakeholders will benefit from the smooth progress of the job. Smooth jobs means repeat business and more referrals.

With ArcSite’s CAD software app for iPad, you have it all.

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