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What Makes ArcSite the Best Architectural Drawing Program for iPad

Looking for an architectural drawing program for iPad that not only functions well, but saves you time and money? ArcSite’s drawing app for iPad is revolutionizing architectural drafting with innovative, mobile CAD drawing technology.

Perhaps the best way to save money, win architecture bids, foster client loyalty and stay ahead of the competition is in the technology you use. Hear us out on the ways you can actually improve your business using ArcSite’s architectural drawing program for iPad.architectural cad drawing program shapes

Time Savings: More Money in Your Pocket

When you use ArcSite’s architectural drawing program for iPad, you save money through improved productivity and flexibility. An example of how our app can help you boost productivity is our intuitive drawing technology. As you draw on the tablet, ArcSite will translate your freehand drawing into precise lines and shapes. If you want to adjust any measurements manually, you have the option to do so.

With ArcSite, you can scale your drawing so that your dimensions are perfectly interpreted. As you draw, ArcSite records measurements. This means that the app is simultaneously performing work in the background that you otherwise would have been required to do yourself if you were using pencil and paper.

What’s more, ArcSite allows you to use this data to easily create other files associated with your project.

Better Team Collaboration

Team collaboration has never been as easy and efficient as it is with ArcSite’s architectural drawing program for iPad.

With ArcSite, you can instantly share CAD drawings with co-workers within just a couple taps of your touch screen. Export in a variety of formats for team members, and co-edit with others in real time. With change tracking, you can view what changed in a drawing, when the change was made and whom made the changes. No more guesswork, no more time wasted.

architectural architectural drawing program ipad collaborative

Everyone has access to the same updated version of a plan, setting a high standard for consistency and accuracy within a project.

Easy Proof of Original Plans

When you meet in the field, you have instant access to your plans on your tablet via ArcSite. This means that if something goes awry in the construction phase, you’re able to quickly display the original plans that were sent out for all to see. With ArcSite, there are no pointing fingers at your work. Our app helps you save time and maintain a good reputation.

A More Efficient Drafting Process

With ArcSite, your architectural plan drafting process becomes more efficient. Instead of drafting on paper only to have to recreate the plans on the computer and manually input data into a CAD drawing and other project documents, use ArcSite to make everything happen at once.

architectural drawing program ipad

For architects who currently rely on pencil and paper, ArcSite’s mobile app was built to mimic natural freehand drafting. Switching to ArcSite is easy, natural and can be learned in just minutes. It’s made to be so easy that any member of your team can quickly pick it up.

Improved Sales & Client Relations

ArcSite enables you to land more contracts for your architectural design business. With our mobile CAD app for iPad, you can make a great first impression on clients by drafting concepts right in front of their eyes.

In contrast to drafting with pencil and paper, the presentation is clear and visually easier for clients to grasp. When revisions are requested, you can make those happen instantaneously. Quick turnarounds, a professional presentation and flexibility are possible when you use ArcSite. As a result, you win more bids and beat the competition.

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