Custom Forms for Construction Fieldwork

Searching for custom forms for construction field work? You can now streamline your construction jobs with checklists and forms that are custom made specifically for your construction business.

job site forms and checklists for fieldworkers

Best of all, you can get custom construction forms and templates that are synced up neatly with your blueprints and photos from the field. Continue reading to learn more about an app that will greatly improve the processes involved with construction management and field data collection, saving you time and money.

Custom forms for construction associated with CAD drawing

Field workers can access the forms on their iPad and associate it with a drawing from the same project

An App that Helps You Streamline Construction Jobs with Custom Forms

ArcSite is a mobile CAD app that your team can use to create, view and edit drawings, but it can also be used in the field to collect data on an iPad. This approach sends data back to the project managers, supers or other managers immediately. It also keeps your information across the job consistent and error-free.

blueprint created with arcsite cad drawing app autocad alternative

ArcSite is mobile CAD software that revolutionizes custom forms, saving you time, improving team productivity and improving data accuracy

If happy clients, decreased stress, meeting project deadlines and saving time and money sounds appealing, read on to learn how ArcSite specifically helps you streamline construction jobs with custom forms.

Create Easy Custom Forms for Construction Projects with Simple Drag-and-Drop Functionality

The ArcSite app gives subject matter experts (PM’s, supers and more) at your company the ability to set up simple web forms by dragging and dropping. We make it extremely easy for any expert in your company to set up. If you want, we will even set up the forms for you as a service we can provide to you.

Create Custom Template Construction Fieldwork

Manage all job-related files, including form templates, in one place with ArcSite


ArcSite custom forms can be administered online by experts in your organization, and used for data collection by fieldworkers

Share Consistent Data Across the Company

Another way that ArcSite’s custom forms help you streamline construction jobs is by enabling every user in the field to access and use the same form in the field. Your company can reuse the form template and this helps you ensure that your field workers are collecting all of the required information in the correct manner and order.

Get Instant Access to Field Data & Checklists

When your field workers are out walking a site while using ArcSite, the instant input of data into the app makes it immediately accessible to you and others across your company. There’s no waiting for your field workers to arrive back at the office or their hotel to enter data they collect on paper. With ArcSite, it’s all immediate, with no paper involved.

custom forms for site surveys and more

ArcSite allows you to streamline data collection in the field and immediately access it back at the office, or from anywhere

What’s more, if your field workers are new to the field and need a checklist as an instructional tool to take them through a task such as walking a roof, ArcSite will come in handy. Or maybe you have experienced workers that could just use reminders as to not forget any aspect of the job.

Whatever the case may be, ArcSite’s app will streamline the process of collecting data in the field with custom forms in digital format that are easy to create.

Associate Job Site Photos with Checklist Data to Get a Better Understanding

Another way that ArcSite helps you streamline construction fieldwork with custom forms is by giving your field team the power to take a photo and add it to data in the form. This comes in use when there is something spotted on the job site that needs attention.

construction field data collection site inspection form

This improves your visual understanding of what is going on at the site without needing to physically be there.

Prevent Human Error Involved with Manual Data Entry

Speaking of paper, we eliminate the human error involved with using paper checklists and forms.

Data collected on paper can get messy real quick, whether it’s from the natural elements or chicken-scratch handwriting. When using ArcSite, you eliminate human error. What’s more, when your workers enter data from paper to computer, the data can be misinterpreted easily. Whether they’re unable to read what they originally wrote, or that the data gets entered incorrectly into the computer, paper forms can lead to erroneous data.

mobile app for creating custom forms for construction fieldwork

Traditional data collection on paper comes with many inconveniences, including erroneous data

ArcSite custom forms allow you to maintain accurate data using features such as drop-down lists. This prevents inaccuracies due to wrongfully entered data, and it also promotes consistency.

To take this one step further, the consistency resulting from the use of drop down lists enables you to measure and track data across jobs to spot patterns or consistent problems that need to be addressed. This could help you better evaluate the performance and reliability of vendors and subcontractors to save you stress, time and money in the future.

CAD Drawings Created in ArcSite Sync with Custom Forms and Checklists

When you use ArcSite for creating, viewing and editing CAD drawings, you can streamline data entry for certain types of forms such as job takeoffs. ArcSite uses your symbols, shapes and the measurements of a drawing to create a takeoff document for you.

benefits of cad software for estimating construction projects

ArcSite generates quick takeoffs for you using data from your drawing and shapes

This can be bundled in one neat deliverable to be exported and shared with key stakeholders right from the app.

custom forms for construction exported from CAD app

Export Custom Forms in a Variety of Formats

Custom forms can be exported in a read-only format that is perfect for clients and others who need to view the data collected in the form. Or, you can export the custom forms in an Excel-compatible format so that the form can be further manipulated or continue to be used, which is helpful in cases such as estimating and bidding, for example.

construction field data collection form

Why Not Use Other Online Construction Forms & Templates Instead of ArcSite?

An important benefit of ArcSite’s custom forms is that you can create a different view of the form for clients, so that it doesn’t have to appear exactly the way the field worker sees it and enters the data. In other words, ArcSite empowers you to create an input workflow that fits the way your team works, along with the ability to create a different output for your client based on what they’re used to seeing.

Unlike other custom form products, ArcSite goes above and beyond the norm by giving you flexibility in order to make the production of client deliverables simple and quick. ArcSite allows you to create, store, view and edit custom forms all in one screen. Unlike other custom form services, there is no switching apps, screens, browsers or windows involved.

This streamlines your construction fieldwork processes, and it keeps everything consistent by using one app for CAD drawings and associating forms with those drawings.

With ArcSite, your construction jobs are streamlined from winning the bid to closing out the project. All the data, forms and drawings you need are in one place.

When you try ArcSite, you’ll be impressed by how easy construction management becomes—so much that you won’t want to revert to the “old way” of doing things.

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