Easy CAD Software that Doesn’t Require Training

Searching for easy CAD software that doesn’t require learning? Ease-of-use and user-friendliness are at the core of ArcSite’s simple CAD software app for mobile.

Our simple CAD app is built on the belief that easy CAD software should be accessible to all professionals who need to create and edit technical drawings. In contrast to popular CAD programs that cost thousands of dollars and require extensive training, ArcSite is extremely intuitive.

easy cad software no learning required

With ArcSite, no CAD training is required.

Read on to learn more about the difference between ArcSite’s easy CAD software app for iPad and other CAD drawing programs on the market.

The Undying Need for Easy CAD Software

Engineers and construction professionals often lament about the clunky interface found in the common CAD software available to them. While well-known CAD software such as AutoCAD contains powerful features, the user interface is often quoted as overwhelming.

As a team of former Autodesk developers, the founders of ArcSite understand the challenges AutoCAD users often face. Armed with knowledge of traditional CAD software limitations and the knowledge of which features are necessary for mobile CAD users to do their job, they set out to create their own easy CAD software for mobile, called ArcSite.

What is ArcSite?

ArcSite is CAD software that’s easy to use without all the unnecessary bells and whistles. We took the features that are essential to your job and made those easy, intuitive and give you more control where you need it. And, we made this available as an iPad app to cater to field work and the growing need for mobility.

easy CAD software no training required

Not only did we leave out the clutter, but we also studied what traditional CAD software was lacking and created simple yet powerful functionality to help you get your job done easier. What’s more, drawing with ArcSite is more natural than using a mouse and keyboard.

We’ll go into more detail about this below, where you can learn more about ArcSite.

Easy to Use CAD Software

ArcSite is easy CAD software that doesn’t require learning. In fact, anyone can start using it right away without any training. Take it from one of our happy customers who expressed that most CAD software is frustrating because it requires training to learn. He went on to explain he once purchased AutoCAD for $1,000 and never ended up using it because he would “have to go to community college” in order to learn it.

Being familiar with the confusion of traditional CAD software, we left out anything that doesn’t make intuitive sense and provide you with a clean, uncluttered interface that anyone can use, even without previous CAD software experience.

simple CAD software no training required

Practical Yet Powerful CAD App

At ArcSite, we’re all about “less is more.” However, we believe this should never be at the expense of important functionality you need in order to do your job as easily and quickly as possible. This is why we give you more control in the areas you might need it, unlike many other CAD apps that oversimplify to the point where they drop certain functionality that should exist.

For instance, if you need to create a custom shape, symbol or block for your drawing, you can— and you can save it for future drawings. If you’d like, you can also assign attributes to these symbols so that ArcSite can create takeoffs and estimates from a CAD drawing.

Whether or not you create takeoff documents, this functionality does not take up extra room on your screen or require learning.

CAD Software that’s Like Drawing with Pencil and Paper

If you’re used to drafting with pencil and paper, you might be wary about making the switch to digital drafting. Acknowledging that this is a concern, we made freehand drawing on the ArcSite app as intuitive as drawing on paper. With our easy CAD software app for iPad, you can create CAD drawings with a stylus pen on the screen, or just use your finger. No ruler or eraser required.

simple CAD software

How does this work? As you draw freehand, ArcSite automatically interprets your drawing as precise lines, curves and shapes. In the case that you want to adjust a line, it’s still in your control.

We’re the first and only CAD app to offer this functionality to CAD users. Drawing on ArcSite is even easier than on paper.

Easy Mobile CAD App for iPad that You Can Travel With

ArcSite offers a convenient mobile CAD app for iPad that you can travel with between the job site and the office. No more traveling with paper plans and no more lack of lighting while viewing them. With our easy CAD app, you can pull your plans up on the screen within seconds for reference and demonstration.

easy mobile cad software

When you use ArcSite, there is only one step to enter information or create drawings. Once it’s on your iPad, there are no extra steps involved as there usually are with the paper-then-computer process.

Easy CAD Software for Collaboration

You can create and/or edit and send drawings to other people involved in the job right from your iPad. This keeps the job running smoothly and maintains consistent information across all involved parties.

You can invite anyone to make edits on a drawing, or you can simply export the drawing in a variety of formats to send to those involved in the job.

easy to use cad software

Quick & Easy Takeoffs Generated from CAD Drawings

ArcSite streamlines your takeoffs and estimates, reducing the time it takes to produce them by 80%. Using measurements recorded by the app as you draw, as well as attributes you assign to lines and shapes, ArcSite will generate a takeoff deliverable for you within seconds.

When you use ArcSite to generate a takeoff deliverable for the job, you have the advantage of consistent data for all parties involved in the job. Get associated job site photos, plans and the estimate zipped up in one neat deliverable.

create takeoffs with cad software

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Mobile CAD Software that Helps You Win More Project Bids

If you’re in the market for CAD software, you might as well choose mobile CAD software that helps you win more project bids for construction, engineering and more.

An easy way to set yourself apart from competitors, win new business and foster client loyalty is by using cutting-edge technology. Best of all, this can be done without breaking the bank.

Read on to learn how ArcSite’s mobile CAD software helps you win more bids.

Mobile CAD Software for Better Field Sales

When you invest in CAD software, you should be investing in mobile CAD software that you can use on a tablet. But first, you need to make sure that the mobile CAD software checks a few important boxes.

First and foremost you should look for a drafting experience that is as intuitive and accessible to new users as possible regardless of their level of CAD experience.

mobile cad software for winning more bids

The second piece of this is that the software should be powerful enough to improve your productivity without compromising practicality and the essentials you need to do your job.

The third piece of this is that the CAD software should be fully mobile so you can use this as a replacement to using pencil and paper in the field—and avoid going back to the office to polish your deliverables.

The fourth quality to look for in CAD software is that its output conveys a high level of professionalism at every touch point so that you can make a positive impression on clients and win more bids. We’ll go into more detail about this below.

Faster Turnarounds on Drawings & Estimates

Our mobile CAD software app gives you the advantage of faster turnarounds on drawings and construction estimates.

Drawing with ArcSite is quicker and easier than drawing with pencil and paper. This, coupled with the power to create quick takeoffs by collecting data from your drawings, reduces your takeoff production time by 80%. This means you get takeoff deliverables and estimates delivered to your clients faster than your competitors.

benefits of cad software for estimating construction projects

A quick takeoff created from plans using ArcSite

This is one way choosing the right CAD software can help you maintain the highest level of professionalism and stay ahead of the competition, thus helping you win more bids.

Demonstrate Concepts in Front of Clients in just Seconds

ArcSite’s mobile flexibility enables you to take your CAD software on-the-go as the perfect sales tool.

mobile cad software to help you win more project bids

Our interface is so clean and intuitive that you can demonstrate concepts in front of clients on the spot on your tablet. You can even pull up plans and photos from previous projects as a way to further demonstrate what you’ve achieved for other clients.

With high precision and a client-ready professional display, ArcSite’s CAD app for iPad is sure to make a lasting impression.

There’s no need to drive back to your office or hotel first to redo those paper plans using CAD software. Just drag your finger or stylus pen over your tablet screen to begin drawing a concept sketch for a client. Save it and work off of that later in the office (or wherever)!

mobile cad software to win more construction bids

With ArcSite, there’s no need to re-do plans using your desktop computer.

Whether you are on a job site, in a client meeting or in between destinations, you have the ability to mark up existing PDF plans and photos, and create new plans from scratch. No drafting table, pen, paper or rulers required.

What’s more, ArcSite gives you the ability to associate photos with their specific locations on a drawing. You can also quickly draw over a photo that you or your client captures on site, or even on a Google Maps image.

Maintain Smooth Job Progress for Good Client Relations

We understand how out-of-date information can turn a job into a headache for everyone involved. When you use ArcSite, you maintain smooth job progress that helps you earn repeat business and referrals.

When you use our easy CAD software, you have access to all versions of a drawing and can see who made changes, when they made those changes and where the changes were made in the drawing. With an emphasis on easy collaboration and file sharing, you can import drawings, co-edit and export in a variety of formats to share directly anyone within just a couple taps of your screen.

how to win more construction bids

Due to the consistency ArcSite allows you to maintain throughout project phases, your clients, team, vendors and all other stakeholders will benefit from the smooth progress of the job. Smooth jobs means repeat business and more referrals.

With ArcSite’s CAD software app for iPad, you have it all.

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Benefits of CAD Software for Estimating Construction Projects

Overview: CAD Software for Estimating Construction Projects

Have you ever considered using CAD software for estimating construction projects? If you’re a construction professional who is used to creating takeoff documents by hand, you should strongly consider using CAD software for this. Using CAD software for job estimates is the best way to save time and ensure the job goes smoothly from start to finish.

There are multiple benefits of using CAD software for creating job estimates in construction. Read more below to learn how to use CAD software for estimating construction jobs and why you should strongly consider it.

How it Works: CAD Software for Estimating Construction Projects

CAD (computer aided design) software can appear intimidating at first, but in reality, there are simplified programs that are made to feel just like drawing with pen and paper—and don’t take any time to learn.

benefits of cad software

The ArcSite app for iPad is the perfect CAD software to estimate your job. ArcSite creates takeoffs from drawings. Whether you scan/photograph and upload the drawing to ArcSite, or create a drawing from scratch using ArcSite, you won’t go back to pen and paper estimates.

ArcSite uses attributes from your drawings to generate a takeoff document.

How does this work? You can indicate metadata for specific shapes and symbols that you use within your drawings. For instance, if you’re going to use a specific lighting fixture in your drawing, you can easily give that symbol attributes that help in the takeoff process. You can enter notes about the wattage, mount height, Kelvin temp and more.

cad software for estimating construction projects

Whenever you add this symbol to the drawing, ArcSite remembers that attribute data and keeps track of quantity. When it comes time to export, you can export the plans, takeoff document and associated photos in one neat bundle. All the attribute data, quantities and more are included.

create job estimate using cad software drawing

CAD drawing created in the ArcSite app

cad software estimate construction takeoff photos

ArcSite includes drawing-associated photos in your takeoff deliverable

benefits of cad software for estimating construction projects

Takeoff / job estimate generated from CAD drawing created using ArcSite

Benefits: CAD Software for Estimating Construction Projects

Easy & Fast

Construction takeoffs have never been faster and easier than with using our CAD software. ArcSite users report 80% in time savings generating takeoffs and estimates. The mobile nature of ArcSite allows you to enter notes on the job site electronically and only once, instead of doing double the work (paper then computer).

With a simplified user interface and intuitive technology, ArcSite mimics the feel of using pen and paper at a fraction of the time it usually takes to complete a drawing or takeoff. Little to no learning required!

Collaborative & Consistent

We understand that you’re not the only person involved in the job. Clients, co-workers, subcontractors and vendors all touch the job and this means that collaboration and consistency is key. This is where collaborative CAD software comes in.

Built to make collaboration and sharing fast and easy, ArcSite contains several export options. You can co-edit in real time with any other members on your team, and with just a couple taps of your screen, send the documents instantly to those who need it.

share job estimates and takeoff deliverables with CAD software

Share job estimates and takeoffs from the field with ArcSite

Affordable & Justifiable

ArcSite is an affordable CAD software app that streamlines your workflow and improves productivity. Our CAD software plans are tiered to fit your specific needs and budget.

The price of ArcSite is easily justifiable and you will see an immediate return on the investment with improved productivity, collaboration and substantial time savings.

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Best iPad CAD App for Drawing Floor Plans

Looking for the Best iPad CAD App for Drawing Floor Plans?

If you’re looking for the best iPad CAD app for drawing floor plans, perhaps you’re tired of working within a clunky interface. Or maybe you just don’t feel like you’re getting enough bang for your buck with your current iPad CAD app.

Whatever spurred your hunt for the best iPad CAD app for drawing floor plans, we understand how frustrating it is when an app doesn’t make your job as easy as it could.

Many CAD programs have odd limitations in their features. These can come as a surprise to many drafters. For instance, being able to create your own blocks, shapes, and symbols to store for use later in the app should be a non-negotiable. Yet this is something that you can’t find in even the most well-known iPad CAD apps.

Read on to learn about the best iPad CAD app for drawing floor plans and more.


Maybe we’re biased, but we guarantee ArcSite is the best iPad CAD app for drawing floor plans.

ArcSite was built as a mobile-first app, not as an afterthought to a desktop version of the software. This is unlike most mobile CAD drawing apps, which are built as extensions of their desktop versions. This causes gaps in functionality and clunkiness that doesn’t translate well to a good iPad experience.

ArcSite was built to be powerful, fast and as easy as possible on the iPad, with just about zero learning time involved.

best iPad CAD app for drawing floor plans

Best iPad Cad App for Drawing Floor Plans from Scratch

When you draw floor plans from scratch on the iPad with ArcSite, it feels like drawing with pencil and paper. The app interprets free-hand motion and converts it to precise shapes and lines, as well as records the dimensions in the background.

You can create and store a library of your own shapes for the floor plans, or you can choose from ArcSite’s pre-populated library of commonly used shapes and blocks. It’s like being at the drafting table, but faster and easier.

best iPad CAD app for drawing blueprints

Best iPad CAD App for Editing Floor Plans

When you edit floor plans on the iPad with ArcSite, you get a fast and smooth experience. Re-do’s are simple and changes are tracked in the app as you make them. This way, you can see the edit history for any plan and remember exactly what had changed.

Best iPad CAD App for Drawing Plans Collaboration

Collaborating on drawing plans has never been easier. ArcSite allows you to invite team members to work on the drawing with you, and you get to see who made what changes.

best iPad cad app for drawing plans

For the stakeholders who aren’t on your drafting team, you can export and share the plans with them in a variety of formats right from the app. It only takes a couple of taps on the touch screen.

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Architectural Drawing Program for iPad that Boosts Your Business

What Makes ArcSite the Best Architectural Drawing Program for iPad

Looking for an architectural drawing program for iPad that not only functions well, but saves you time and money? ArcSite’s drawing app for iPad is revolutionizing architectural drafting with innovative, mobile CAD drawing technology.

Perhaps the best way to save money, win architecture bids, foster client loyalty and stay ahead of the competition is in the technology you use. Hear us out on the ways you can actually improve your business using ArcSite’s architectural drawing program for iPad.architectural cad drawing program shapes

Time Savings: More Money in Your Pocket

When you use ArcSite’s architectural drawing program for iPad, you save money through improved productivity and flexibility. An example of how our app can help you boost productivity is our intuitive drawing technology. As you draw on the tablet, ArcSite will translate your freehand drawing into precise lines and shapes. If you want to adjust any measurements manually, you have the option to do so.

With ArcSite, you can scale your drawing so that your dimensions are perfectly interpreted. As you draw, ArcSite records measurements. This means that the app is simultaneously performing work in the background that you otherwise would have been required to do yourself if you were using pencil and paper.

What’s more, ArcSite allows you to use this data to easily create other files associated with your project.

Better Team Collaboration

Team collaboration has never been as easy and efficient as it is with ArcSite’s architectural drawing program for iPad.

With ArcSite, you can instantly share CAD drawings with co-workers within just a couple taps of your touch screen. Export in a variety of formats for team members, and co-edit with others in real time. With change tracking, you can view what changed in a drawing, when the change was made and whom made the changes. No more guesswork, no more time wasted.

architectural architectural drawing program ipad collaborative

Everyone has access to the same updated version of a plan, setting a high standard for consistency and accuracy within a project.

Easy Proof of Original Plans

When you meet in the field, you have instant access to your plans on your tablet via ArcSite. This means that if something goes awry in the construction phase, you’re able to quickly display the original plans that were sent out for all to see. With ArcSite, there are no pointing fingers at your work. Our app helps you save time and maintain a good reputation.

A More Efficient Drafting Process

With ArcSite, your architectural plan drafting process becomes more efficient. Instead of drafting on paper only to have to recreate the plans on the computer and manually input data into a CAD drawing and other project documents, use ArcSite to make everything happen at once.

architectural drawing program ipad

For architects who currently rely on pencil and paper, ArcSite’s mobile app was built to mimic natural freehand drafting. Switching to ArcSite is easy, natural and can be learned in just minutes. It’s made to be so easy that any member of your team can quickly pick it up.

Improved Sales & Client Relations

ArcSite enables you to land more contracts for your architectural design business. With our mobile CAD app for iPad, you can make a great first impression on clients by drafting concepts right in front of their eyes.

In contrast to drafting with pencil and paper, the presentation is clear and visually easier for clients to grasp. When revisions are requested, you can make those happen instantaneously. Quick turnarounds, a professional presentation and flexibility are possible when you use ArcSite. As a result, you win more bids and beat the competition.

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Alternative to AutoCAD 360 App for iPad

Looking for an alternative to the AutoCAD 360 app for iPad? Look no further than ArcSite.
ArcSite is easy-to-use mobile CAD software that was developed to save you time, money and hassle.

Read on to learn why ArcSite is the best alternative to the AutoCAD 360 app for iPad and how ArcSite’s founders began their mission to create the most ideal CAD app for construction professionals, engineers, architects and more.

blueprint created with arcsite cad drawing app autocad alternative

ArcSite, the Best Alternative to AutoCAD 360

How the ArcSite CAD App for iPad was Founded

ArcSite was born when two former AutoCAD developers realized the shortcomings of traditional CAD software and looked toward future of mobile CAD drawing.

Did you know that AutoCAD 360 was built as an extension of the traditional desktop system to give users access to AutoCAD software on their mobile devices? ArcSite’s founders acknowledged the limitations of such an approach and set out to develop a mobile-first approach to CAD drawing software.

Why ArcSite is the Best Alternative to the AutoCAD 360 App for iPad

Easy to Use

ArcSite was deliberately built with a clean user interface. This means that you aren’t facing a clunky toolbar or wasting time searching around for a specific feature. Everything is marked with symbols that are easy to recognize, and tools that are easy to operate.

autocad 360 pro interface

AutoCAD 360 Interface

This means that any member of your team can use ArcSite as an alternative to the AutoCAD 360 app for iPad, and they won’t need to spend significant time adjusting to a new CAD platform. It’s really that intuitive.

Doesn’t Fall Short on Critical Features

With ArcSite, we left out the non-critical features and only included what most professionals in your field use. This means you get flexibility within the most important CAD features.

Need an example? We built a full library of shapes (or blocks) that are commonly used, plus we provide a space for you to easily create and save your own custom shapes and blocks. These are also made available to anyone on your project team who needs to co-edit drawings with you.

In the AutoCAD 360 app, blocks are a hassle. For uploaded CAD files, there is no block library available to you, and you can only with blocks if they already exist on your imported CAD file. Only when you create a CAD drawing from scratch in the AutoCAD app can you choose from a few blocks they make available. There is no ability to create custom shapes.

Can you see how AutoCAD 360 (an extension of the desktop version) feels more like an afterthought than a true mobile CAD app, lacking critical functionality?

This is just one example of how a mobile-first approach to CAD differs from a desktop-first approach. ArcSite’s mobile-first approach makes for the best experience possible on a mobile device. With our CAD app for iPad, you’ll never feel like mobile was an afterthought.

create custom shapes cad drawing app for engineers not autocad

ArcSite’s Custom Shape Library


Not only is ArcSite the ideal alternative to the AutoCAD 360 app for iPad due to its ease-of-use and simplicity, but its intelligence leaves nothing to be desired.

Unlike AutoCAD, ArcSite offers users a real-time constraint system, which means you can draw a line such as an arc with your finger or stylus, and the app automatically translates it into a perfect arc. This result takes several steps in traditional desktop CAD software. ArcSite is the first and only CAD drawing system that translates freehand sketches into precise geometries in real time.

Best of all, you do still have the power to manually adjust dimensions and degrees.

If freehand shape-recognition technology isn’t enough, you’ll love that you can easily create custom forms, estimates, takeoffs, punch lists and more, all from the data associated with your CAD file. ArcSite saves users an average of 80% of time on plan creation.


ArcSite is built for easy and lightening-fast collaboration. Invite team members to co-edit a drawing in real-time from wherever they are—in the field or at the office. With our app, you can view what changes were made and who made them. This saves time in correspondence and eliminates guesswork.

Send your drawings and takeoff documents to your project team or stakeholders within a couple taps of your iPad screen.

Perfect as a Sales Tool

The flexibility that comes with ArcSite makes it the top alternative to the AutoCAD 360 app for iPad (and desktop). The ability to create clean and professional drawings of concepts on the go, or while meeting with your clients, will help you close deals faster.

With its ease-of-use and time-saving features, ArcSite will help you beat the competition by facilitating consistency and fast turnarounds. This gives you the upper hand when it comes to winning a bid and fosters client loyalty.

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Create CAD Drawings on iPad with a Stylus Pen

If you’re looking to create CAD drawings on iPad with a stylus pen, you just found the most appropriate solution in the CAD software market.

For construction professionals, engineers, architects and designers in various industries, it has been oddly difficult to find a CAD drawing app for iPad that is both compatible with a stylus pen and all-inclusive of the most critical features we are familiar with on desktop CAD drawing software. Nodding your head yet?

This is where ArcSite’s iPad CAD app enters the picture.

Read on to learn more about ArcSite’s CAD drawing iPad app, how its mobile-first approach delivers more power and functionality than traditional CAD mobile apps, and how you can create CAD drawings on iPad with a stylus pen using ArcSite.

What is ArcSite?

ArcSite is the most powerful, yet easiest mobile CAD drawing app available on iPad Pro for architecture, engineering and construction professionals—as well as for design professionals in other industries. It was developed by former AutoCAD developers who are familiar with the challenges users experience when using traditional AutoCAD and mobile CAD apps.

create cad drawings on ipad app stylus pen

Create precision freehand CAD drawings with a stylus or finger

As intuitive as drawing with pen & paper—as it is also compatible with stylus pens—ArcSite consistently receives raving reviews from professionals, such as this one:

“Best CAD-style app available on the iPad
The free demo reveals all the its useful options for numerous design, construction and estimating applications…just to name a few. This app is superior in quality, support and ongoing new features….But is quick, easy and accurate to use also. This is a serious business app…take it for a test drive!”

With ArcSite’s iPad app, you can create new CAD drawings, markup existing blueprints and photos, share and co-edit CAD drawings with coworkers and generate custom forms such as takeoff. What’s more, you can provide estimates to clients on the spot, based on your drawings. All this, plus many, many more powerful features in an interface that is much easier to use than other CAD apps.

As a standalone mobile app, ArcSite can also be integrated with AutoCAD, Revit and other cloud apps.

precise dimensions cad drawing app ipad stylus

Create precise freehand geometries with shape-recognition technology

A Mobile-First CAD Drawing iPad App vs. AutoCAD 360

Do you notice that when you use an app such as AutoCAD 360, it’s actually not inclusive of all the basic features you’re used to having access to on the full version of AutoCAD?

This is because AutoCAD 360 by Autodesk is not a mobile-first solution.

What is a Mobile-First CAD Drawing App?

Have you ever had the experience of downloading a mobile app from your favorite company, only to realize that the app doesn’t have the basic functionality you’re used to on the full version? It’s almost as if you can’t rely on the mobile app solely, so you need to use both the full version and the mobile app. What’s more, the experience on an app that isn’t mobile-first typically falls short in the “ease-of-use” category.

This is a poor user experience that results from a service that was not “mobile first.”

In regards to CAD, a mobile-first CAD drawing app is CAD software that was created first with mobile devices in mind. So instead of creating the non-mobile version first and then trying to convert that to mobile app while dropping basic features along the way (because it’s difficult for companies to parlay those to mobile functionality), the mobile app is developed first and with the highest standards.

This mobile-first approach makes the software as powerful as possible on a mobile device such as the iPad.

create custom shapes cad drawing app ipad stylus

Custom Shapes feature in ArcSite, a rare capabililty in CAD software

How to Create CAD Drawings on iPad with a Stylus Pen

ArcSite enables you to use a stylus to create CAD drawings on iPad. This means you can use an Apple Pencil, Adonit Jot and other types of stylus smart pens to markup CAD drawings and photos, and draft floor plans on the iPad—whenever, wherever.

For those used to pen and paper, using a stylus to create CAD drawings on the iPad is very easy and intuitive with ArcSite. Our app makes this drawing experience as natural as possible, and it allows you the flexibility of creating onsite project estimates based on dimensions and more. In turn, you provide more value to your clients, increase productivity and save your team hours of work.

To create CAD drawings on an iPad, all you need is an iPad, a stylus, and the ArcSite app.

draw over photos stylus cad drawing app ipad

Mark up photos and incorporate them into your CAD drawing in the corresponding location

Try ArcSite Today

ArcSite is the future of CAD, providing an excellent experience for you, your clients and co-workers through powerful mobile technology. Get all the features you expect in a mobile CAD drawing app to do the job right.

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Best CAD Drawing App for Engineers that isn’t AutoCAD

For quite some time, professionals have been on the hunt for the best CAD drawing app for engineers that isn’t AutoCAD—and engineers aren’t alone. This also applies to many other professionals, including those on the construction side. Why the need for an alternative? The answer makes more sense than one might think.

blueprint created with arcsite cad drawing app autocad alternative

ArcSite app for iPad: A powerful yet easy alternative to AutoCAD 360 Pro

AutoCAD is an extremely powerful CAD program, and it has the largest presence in the CAD software market. They’ve just about become the go-to program for engineers and many other professionals. In fact, AutoCAD is used widely in colleges that train engineering majors in computer-aided design.

Read on to learn why people are looking for the best CAD drawing app for engineers that isn’t AutoCAD, and what the best alternative solution is.

Why the Need for an Alternative to AutoCAD for Engineers?

As the engineering (and construction) industry is increasingly forced to evolve to accommodate expectations set by technological advances, it is no longer “enough” to settle for technology that doesn’t quite keep up.

In other words, clients are expecting faster turn-arounds on drawings, estimates and solutions to unexpected problems encountered on the job. Our mentality in the business world—and the world in general—has evolved to expect speed, efficiency and smart problem-solving regardless of the industry. The pressure is on to remain competitive.

Continuing with that theme of tech, speed and efficiency, there has been a lack of attention to the need for properly bridging the gap between your desk and the field.

We’re referring to mobile technology that includes the necessary features you need to get the job done right.

cad drawing app engineers not autocad precise dimensions

ArcSite converts freehand drawing to precise geometries in real time

While CAD companies such as AutoCAD have developed mobile solutions to address this need, it is easy for engineers and other professionals to become frustrated with the mobile apps. We’ll explain why, using AutoCAD 360 as an example.

The Pitfalls of “Extension” Mobile CAD Apps vs. Mobile-First CAD Apps

If you’re a mechanical engineer, structural engineer, civil engineer, electrical engineer or any other professional that relies on CAD software, you might be frustrated with mobile versions of these apps for a few reasons.

It all stems from the fact that most mobile CAD apps have been developed as an extension of the full version of that CAD software.

autocad 360 pro interface

AutoCad 360 Pro. Loss of certain critical functionality due to “desktop-first” approach.

When CAD companies develop mobile spin-offs of the full version of their software platforms, it is easy to encounter unexpected loss of basic functionality. For instance, if you download the AutoCAD 360 app on your iPad and begin to reach for certain essential features as you are used to on the full version, the app very well may come up short.

You might expect that a mobile app would be a lightweight version of the desktop software. After all, the full desktop version of AutoCAD has many bells and whistles, many of which go unused. However, it’s disappointing for one to find that necessary features such as a custom shape library doesn’t exist in the mobile app.

create custom shapes cad drawing app for engineers not autocad

ArcSite enables you to easily create custom shapes, a feature not found in AutoCAD

To illustrate this, here is a snippet from an App Store review from a user of the latest AutoCAD 360 mobile app:

“Good but could be better
As a longtime AutoCAD user I find A360 useful, but falls short on some critical basic tools[…]”

What’s the alternative? A mobile-first solution.

Best CAD Drawing App for Engineers that isn’t AutoCAD

You might wonder what we mean when we refer to a ‘mobile-first solution.’ A mobile-first solution, as it pertains to CAD software, is a CAD drawing mobile app that was developed to be as powerful as possible, instead of being an afterthought to a full version of the software.

Mobile-first CAD apps give you the most critical functionality you expect in a full version of CAD software—and all within a mobile app for your iPad.

easy cad drawing app ipad engineers not autocad

ArcSite’s clean interface that takes no time to learn, with all the critical features you need

This saves you time and makes communication with clients and colleagues easier. This is essentially like bringing a lightweight version of CAD software into your iPad—without losing the features that are essential to functionality, such as a custom shape library. Not to mention other capabilities such as the ability to mark up and insert photos into plans exactly where they were taken.

draw over photos stylus cad drawing app ipad

ArcSite: mark up photos for your CAD drawing, and insert them in the corresponding site location

ArcSite: An Easy-to-Use, Mobile-First CAD Drawing App for iPad

ArcSite provides you with ease-of-use unheard of in other CAD drawing apps and software. We removed all the clunkiness that you would normally encounter in other software and included all the necessary features that you have come to rely on using in CAD software.

What’s more, ArcSite addresses common issues that engineers lament about in traditional CAD software. ArcSite’s founders are former AutoCAD developers and have come to know CAD software inside and out. This includes the good, as well as the shortcomings.

With all of this in mind, they set out to develop ArcSite.

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Easy team collaboration and file exporting. Impress your clients with quick turnarounds.

ArcSite addresses the issues found with loss of basic functionality in CAD mobile apps, and allows you to remain competitive in your field with a truly mobile experience. With ArcSite’s iPad CAD drawing app, you can easily create completely new CAD drawings, markup existing photos and blueprints, share and co-edit CAD drawings with colleagues and generate custom forms. This, plus many more powerful features that always should be included in a CAD app.

Need to continue to use AutoCAD? Integrate ArcSite with AutoCAD for a better CAD mobile experience. We pick up the slack where AutoCAD falls short.

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AutoCAD desktop interface. How to upload AutoCAD drawing to ArcSite app from AutoCAD.

Did we mention you can use a stylus pen to create CAD drawings in ArcSite?

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The Fastest Way to Onsite Drawings

Creates quality CAD drawings as easy as pen and paper!

If you perform engineering site investigations, then your life may have just gotten easier.  Arcsite App creates quality CAD drawings as easy as pen and paper! ArcSite can collect all your information for an engineering project, such as photo/pdf markup, precision drawings, dimensions, take measurements and even do designs onsite. Never lose important data. Take back to the office a professional CAD drawing, eliminating the need to recreate it in CAD.

How can you draw with Arcsite so accurately and quickly?

Arcsite is simple as sketching on paper. It does not have a bunch of complicated icons or tools. Anything you draw can be accomplished with the pen tool, just like you would do it on paper.

Powered by a patent-pending shape recognition technology that interprets user intention according to the freehand trajectory on a touch screen, the app converts freehand sketches to precise geometries in real-time. This is the first shape recognition technology used on touch screens that can interpret user intentions with precision in real-time. The app is complemented by powerful CAD-like editing tools that make ArcSite the ideal mobile drafting and design tool for professionals in the field.

Now you have the power to mark-up existing conditions, and draw equipment variances from what is shown on prints to what actually exists in the field. Everything an engineer draws in the field can be directly exported to a .PDF or .DXF (CAD) file.

Our vision is that mobile CAD should be fundamentally different from desktop CAD. Keyboards and mice are awkward for graphics input: think about how many interactions are required just to define an arc; touchscreens are perfect for CAD as they mimic the natural way of drawing with pen and paper,” Pei Zhan Arctuition Founder

“The ground-breaking freehand shape recognition combines with advanced constraint solving technologies, so users can now hand draft with ArcSite and set dimensions just as intuitively as they normally do with pen and paper,” adds Pei. “No need to learn. Every user can draw up an accurate site plan with precise dimensions in just minutes!”

Already, the reception has been strong and positive in the CAD world. ArcSite app that has been adopted by over 15,000 professionals from a wide range of engineering disciplines, homebuilding, commercial construction, and architectural firms. In just the last few months, thousands of projects have been created and shared via ArcSite.

Arcsite features

The newly launched ArcSite Pro also comes with advanced design features, Smart Dimension Editing and Custom Shapes, offering users greater opportunity to save even more time in the field.

With Smart Dimension Editing, users can change the length and angle of a line, as well as the radius and radians of an arc by directly entering the desired dimensions. ArcSite will automatically infer constraints for connectivity — vertical and horizontal direction, and tangency of a line or arc — and update the remainder of the object automatically.

With Custom Shapes, users can access an ever-growing library of pre-defined, trade-specific shapes, such as a sofa or sink, and insert them directly into the drawings. They can also define their custom shapes and save them for future use. This eliminates the need to recreate the same commonly used shapes over and over again.

Here’s a breakdown of the core product’s features

  • Smart Dimension Editing – bi-directional dimensional editing means you can change a dimension to any geometry and the geometry will update accordingly
  • Shapes and Symbols – A growing library of predefined shapes commonly used in architecture, interior design, electrical, landscape, plumbing, etc. Plus you can create custom shapes for the library
  • Cloud Access and Collaboration – import PDF files directly into the app to work over, markup, from anywhere via the cloud-based account. Once new ArcSite projects are uploaded to accounts in the cloud, drawings become available in a variety of formats, including PNG, PDF and AutoCAD DXF so that users can download and share them from any computer
  • Layers – ArcSite features layers
  • Mirror Tool
  • Snap to Grid Option
  • Grid Spacing Option
  • Text Callouts
  • Imperial and Metric Units
  • 5-levels of Unit Precision
  • Photo Management draw over photos
  • CAD standard Navigation like Pan and Zoom

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