Computer Aided Design Case Study: How Heartland Insurance Boosts Sales and Productivity using Mobile CAD

Meet Heartland Mutual Insurance

Heartland Mutual Insurance has managed to cut down it’s inspection time by a whopping 60% while also increasing sales, all with the help of our mobile CAD solution, ArcSite. How did they do it? We spoke with Glenn Cole, an inspector from the company, to find out…

Heartland is responsible for insuring farm and homes throughout Illinois. What does the typical insurance project look like? Every time a new quote for insurance is created, whether that is for expanding existing coverage or brand new coverage, the sales agent requests an inspection of the property. This is where Glenn comes in.

He creates the blueprint of the site for the underwriter, who then prepares the best possible quote for the company. Glenn likens his role to that of “painting the picture for the underwriter to see”. Glenn spends as much time on the field as in the office. This typically translates to 4 – 5 inspections a day. Each site can have anywhere between  5 – 15 buildings, so he spends multiple hours on a single site collecting data. This data is then converted into a report back at the office for the underwriter to see.

Glenn’s Old Work Process… And Why It Didn’t Work

What went into making one of Glenn’s reports?

For starters, there were his tools: a digital camera, a sketchbook for drawings, and an Excel spreadsheet that also doubled up as a form.

Glenn collected all data into a single Excel spreadsheet. Filling a cramped long spreadsheet proved to be cumbersome; especially when Glenn’s job could be performed much better with a form. What’s more, he had the same set of data points to collect, irrespective of the type of building. His drawings were mostly hand-sketched and the pictures he took were later transferred into a Microsoft Doc. Clearly, this was not the most efficient way for him to function!

Well, these redundant methods posed several problems for the company.

To begin with, Glenn had problems recollecting which data came from which site, as he had 4-5 inspections a day. What’s more, the company used only one form (the one they’ve been using since the 70s) for all types of field data.

This form consisted of only basic questions and was not customized as per type of inspection. This meant sometimes Glenn collected way too much information, and at other times, he fell short of data.

This posed problems when figuring out the value of different types of buildings on a site. For instance, on a farm with 4 different types of buildings such as a machine shop, stable, grain bin, etc. he had to use a long drawn out process for determining it’s value price. This included using the data collected on the single, non-specific Excel sheet. Overall, there was a great disconnect between data collection points and data entry points, and left plenty of room for human error.  

On the other hand, the company suffered repercussions too. Each inspector presented them with different results. Everyone drew the sites differently, they didn’t use similar backgrounds, and sometimes also collected incomplete data. This meant that when it was time to use the data back at the office, it differed from one inspector to another. These issues were resolved once they started using ArcSite, as explained in the next section.

When Heartland merged with another company, their data collection methods were was not as well-defined and it resulted in mistakes. This proved costly for the company.

The inaccurate data would lead to them paying out more money for areas they did not need to cover. Another issue was their data becoming out of date. Since this old process was lengthy and time consuming and the data was stored in a format that could not be updated easily, it again led to losses for the company.


The Shift to ArcSite and The Results

Being a tech-savvy and curious individual, Glenn was in search of a better way to create inspection reports. That’s when he stumbled upon ArcSite.

The results that Glenn is seeing with ArcSite are phenomenal. The app is easy for him to use, he can collect data more accurately and send results almost immediately, rather than having to wait.

So how did ArcSite change his workflow?

For starters, he now goes to a site, uses Google Maps or his drone to take site photos and then uses these as the starting point. He uses ArcSite for drawing to scale, which is one of the key differentiators of the app. Being amazingly simple to use, this feature saves him from the crude unscaled hand-drawings that he relied on earlier.

He then collects data on each of the buildings present. For convenience, he has collected a separate form for each type of building, so he no longer has to deal with “price evaluation guides” to figure out the valuation of a building. These factors are already built into the form.

Since each type of building has a dedicated form, he does not have to deal with less or more data in any case. Where the old process took him roughly 2 hours to get all the data he needed, now he takes only 45 minutes per site. That’s 60% of his time saved!

After this, he prepares a report for the underwriter. On days that he has only one or two inspections, he can prepare the report on the field itself, from his car. This is especially helpful when a sales agent requests a quick bid.

The quick turnaround saves the company the delay of half to one day, which in the sales world, can make or break a deal. Faster quotes translate to more sales for the company!

Adopting ArcSite has made his job much simpler, shares Glenn. He does not have to remember everything while on site and get back home to put it all in the report. No complex math problems or inaccurate data.

But the main benefits of ArcSite are enjoyed by the company. Accurate reports lead to better underwriting, which in turn means the company gets to charge more for the policy and avoid paying out more on claims.


Future Plans for Heartland Insurance

While ArcSite has definitely revamped the inspection process for Heartland, Glenn sees its usage expanding into other areas as well.  This includes claims and updating of old data.

Claims are on the opposite end of inspections. In this case, an insured member has claimed a problem that they want the company to pay for. This workflow is very similar to the initial inspection, with the same goals.

While investigating claims, the company collects data from the field to figure out if it has to pay out for the claim. By using ArcSite for this process, the underwriter can easily upload existing info and see the changes that have taken place on the site. Accordingly, they can adjust or deny the payout.

The other task where ArcSite can be helpful is redoing old surveys. Heartland wishes to update their existing data every 3 to 5 years.  A lot of their data is hand-drawn and hence difficult to update. With ArcSite, they will have a better view of what to cover.

ArcSite will help them create digital records, that can be updated easily. Heartland can see at a glance if things have changed since their last visit. Eventually, this will help cut out unnecessary payouts.


Wrapping up

With the help of ArcSite, Heartland was able to revamp their old processes and increase the efficiency of their workflow. Eventually, this helped them boost sales and avoid payouts that were unnecessary. This was the story of one company, but with the right tools, any company can avail of these benefits!

Are you looking to save time and perform better site inspections? Check out our mobile CAD solution, ArcSite, today!

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Mobile CAD for Fire Protection

We know your sales team or surveyors have to go onsite and record everything: floor plans, site conditions, notes, measurements, and the potential new layout. You want to create a plan: for estimating, for communication with the client, and something precise and clear enough for both design and implementation to be able to use it for their work.

The problem is that with Pen and paper, none of this is easy.

Current Challenges

Most people are still stuck using pen and paper, as prior to ArcSite there has not been a tool that makes this type of field work easy. Instead of precision work they end up with:

  • Messy, unclear drawings
  • A lack of accuracy and precision
  • A huge amount of time spent on recreating work back in the office
  • A great deal of back and forth between the field folks and those back in the office.

This all results in longer sales cycles, less time for new projects and costly mistakes down the line.

How ARCSITE helps

— It used to take up to a week to close a sale. For each project, sales would spend at least eight hours dealing with all of the after sales tasks (design & installation). Once we started using Arcsite, we were able to start closing sales in under an hour from start to finish. —

Fast and accurate data collection

Arcsite detects your natural hand movements to convert rough drawings into precise shapes and lines. Draw like you would with a pen to create any design in no time.Use existing plans and have the same simplicity and flexible to overlay on top of them.

Use existing plans and have the same simplicity and flexible to overlay on top of them.

A library of reusable shapes

Arcsite provides you the luxury of creating your own library of reusable shapes. Additionally, the app has its own library of frequently used shapes and blocks. Your whole organization can save time while also creating consistently understandable plans.

Easy to use interface

Most other CAD software has a steep learning and is cumbersome to use. That’s why we built the tool for mobile and ease of use from the ground up. Even people with ‘little to no’ prior CAD experience can quickly learn and easily use our software.

Impress clients on the spot

Arcsite gives you the flexibility to demonstrate the concept right on the spot. When you want to show something to the client, you don’t need to rush back to the office and find those previous paper plans. Just swipe your fingers over the screen of your iPad and show your skill.

Better synchronization, faster results

Sending back and forth drawings with other functional teams was never so easy. ArcSite helps to ensure a consistent flow of just the right precise information across all teams. You can adjust to the format the receiver needs: DXF for the design & engineering team, PDF format for clients and Excel for estimators.

If you’re ready to start making your site visits and field folks truly efficient,

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How to Create Accurate Takeoffs Using Mobile CAD Software

Creating takeoffs can be a complicated process. As an experienced auditor, you know the challenges all too well. Manually performing a site audit and taking note of the materials required is bad enough, but it gets worse if you have to re-enter all this information in a document, once you’re back in your office. What if you underestimate or overestimate certain materials? Think of the high margin for error and lost opportunities, in case you get it wrong.

In an age where digital assistants are booking your dinner table and taxi apps are hailing cabs, surely there’s got to be a better way of creating construction takeoffs? Well, turns out, there is. Using a mobile CAD (computer-aided design) solution, you can create error-free takeoffs minus all the hassle, and all onsite!


In this article, we explore why it’s a bad idea to create takeoffs the traditional way and how you can use a mobile CAD solution to create better takeoffs onsite.

Problems With Creating Takeoffs the Traditional Way

If you’re still dealing with physical blueprints, chances are you’ve already experienced these problems. Let’s take a look at each one in detail:

Inefficient process:

Instead of a smooth workflow, the traditional way of creating takeoffs is rather disjointed and time-consuming. First, you visit the site and do an audit. Different auditors have different ways of collecting data, thus there is a lack of a uniform methodology. Once you get back, you’re left to deal with a whole lot of drawings, photos, and information that you now have to combine to make your takeoff.

One wrong estimation here and an inaccurate measurement there could result in huge losses. This is all due to the lack of an efficient workflow.

A high margin for errors:

You’ve got all your blueprints and you’re ready to go, but you end up missing some switches and overestimating wire required. Thus, you end up creating an inaccurate takeoff. Every missed item results in losses for you, while overestimating items makes your final estimate too high. This could lead to you losing the job.

Incorrect estimates result in wasted time for implementation teams and delay in work schedules. Next thing you know, you have upset clients and a reputation for being unreliable.

Not ideal for collaboration:

Projects require teamwork, but unfortunately, the traditional way of marking up plans does not lend itself well to collaboration.

You have to meet with clients to discuss the plans, even while you’re working with them. They will ask you typical questions about equipment, price, and placement, what items will be required and where what will be the cost of the project. You don’t want to have to sift through piles of paper with your client, to have them understand your point.

There are others you have to work with as well, the estimators, designers, vendors, and implementation teams. The old marked up plans force estimators to make educated guesses, force designers to redo the design from crude drawings and slows down implementation too.

Lack of visualization:

When you’re presenting to your client, wouldn’t it be better to simply have the map in front of you, rather than simply talking about it?

The traditional way of creating a takeoff offers no visual scope for viewing the site. You can’t drill into specific locations or objects and show the client exactly what you’re talking about.

Too much documentation:

Creating takeoffs the old way generated a complex web of related paperwork. Making sense of it is a tiring and confusing task.

Creating Better Takeoffs Using a Mobile CAD Solution

The aim of CAD software is to help minimize errors and create precise representations of buildings. Right from the materials used, to the measurements and the estimated cost, CAD simplifies the process, making it more accurate and organized.

While most CAD solutions are confined to your desktop, ArcSite is the first mobile CAD solution that helps you build your takeoff on the site itself. You can then access this in your office, or anywhere you wish, as it is stored safely in the cloud.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how you can improve takeoffs with a mobile CAD solution:

Create a takeoff onsite, in real-time:

Mobile CAD software lets you create a takeoff right there when you are present in front of the actual site. Forget having to make rough drawings and take tons of pictures and putting it all together later.

An app such as ArcSite lets you drop in a shape and define the additional attributes of the object. While you do, the app automatically builds the materials list. Hence, you don’t have to go through the hassles of sitting and manually calculating all the materials required. In essence, with ArcSite, your takeoff builds itself!

Create a takeoff onsite, in real-time:

Remember those huge mounds of documentation we talked about in that previous step? With ArcSite, you can say goodbye to all of that as your data sits securely in both your iPad and your cloud account. As this data is stored in the cloud, you can always access it on your computer in your office. It is always available at your fingertips, easily shareable, and most importantly, unlike data you put together manually, it’s accurate.

Collaborate easily with clients and colleagues:

As the data sits in your iPad, you can quickly share it with your team at the click of a button. Share plans with your clients, discuss the takeoff with your team and get feedback for improvement. You can share complete designs, photos and even parts of designs with anyone you wish and collaborate in a seamless manner.

Visualize the design:

Visualization is a critical component of making designs and CAD helps you do just that. Apps like ArcSite let you see exactly how your site looks, with all the materials laid out in situ. This feature is unique to ArcSite and not offered by other apps.

With the help of ArcSite, you can better explain to your clients your point of view, by giving them a clear view of the site. It’s also easier for them to give you feedback, which can be incorporated and viewed immediately. What’s more, with ArcSite you can also quickly incorporate any pictures you take, into the design itself, exactly at the precise locations you want them to be in. No more wasting time sorting and labeling photos and assigning them to different jobs.

Another feature of ArcSite is that it allows you to create a custom shapes library, that you can then save for the entire organization to use. This ensures that your designs are consistent across different projects.

Reduce costs and save time:

With the help of ArcSite, you can save ½ to ⅔ the amount of time that you earlier spent on audits and designing. Share designs quickly, collaborate easily, and deliver projects faster than ever. You can use this saved time to take up more projects.

A mobile CAD solution makes the whole process a lot more efficient, which means no more underestimating or overestimating material requirements and increased savings for your company!


We hope this article provided you with enough insights into creating better takeoffs, faster and more efficiently.

If you’re ready to start creating better takeoffs, Start Your FREE Trial or Request a Demo.




Field Managers: This CAD Software Eliminates Complicated Handoffs

CAD Software for Easier Handoffs to the Design Team

When the design team receives hand-off documents at work, do they often come back and ask questions? Are some of those questions ones that your team simply cannot answer?

As a CAD software company, we are familiar with the challenges involved with paper document handoffs between functional teams. When anything is done on paper, there is room for misinterpretation or error. And this leads to confusion and tension.

While paper is still used widely throughout the AEC industry, it is not the most effective medium for easy communication.

Read more about how the ArcSite CAD app facilitates smooth, quality handoffs from your field teams to the design team, eliminating tensions involved in that process. But first, we’ll give you a quick overview of ArcSite and how it’s different from other CAD software programs.

How is ArcSite Different from Other CAD Software Programs?

ArcSite is different from other CAD software programs due to its ease-of-use, mobile nature, and high-precision, intuitive technology.

As former AutoCAD developers, we knew exactly what pained AEC professionals and their coworkers when it came to traditional CAD software. So we came up with a solution to all these problems by developing easy CAD functionality paired with productivity-improving features in ArcSite.

When you use ArcSite, you experience a clutter-free interface–and you don’t need to deal with any confusing toolbars. This isn’t by chance. When we developed ArcSite, we purposely eliminated excess tools and put power behind the most important features needed to do your job well.

What’s more, anyone on your team can fully learn the program without any previous experience. Unlike other CAD software programs, you can learn ArcSite without any formal training–in as little as just a few minutes.

As a mobile CAD app for iPad, ArcSite was built on mobile-first foundation. This means that you get an extremely high-quality CAD experience on mobile, which differs from many other technical drawing programs that lack a fully functional mobile CAD experience.

Best of all, ArcSite interprets your freehand sketches as you draw on the iPad and translates them to high-precision lines and arcs.

One of the most significant benefits of using ArcSite is that it eliminates the need to digitize paper drawings and transfer data. Everything is done once and digitally instead of needing to rework.

With ArcSite’s cloud-based mobile technology, collaboration is smoother and easier than ever before.

Management Made Easy with ArcSite

As a sales manager or survey manager, your team likely maintains consistent communication with the design team.

What we have seen at many AEC businesses is that the sales team hands off a bunch of paper drawings, photos and forms to the design team. The design team then spends much of their time interpreting the information and then reproducing it all in a digital format. In addition to this, they typically spend ample time grouping related files in a way that makes organizational sense.

What’s more, when members of the design team need to reach field workers for clarification, this is a bottleneck to job progress. The field workers need to pause working on the new job to answer questions about old jobs, and the old jobs get delayed.

This often creates intracompany tension and leaves managers dealing with issues between employees.

ArcSite is used by tens of thousands of professionals like yourself to create professional CAD drawings onsite. The app enables you to share these drawings directly with colleagues or imported into a desktop CAD program immediately or later on.

This way, your files are organized and you can hand off precise editable CAD files to the design team. This reduces time spent on correspondence regarding the interpretation of your drawings, photos and files. The design team will never need to second guess the paper based “chicken scratch” or risk misinterpreting data that leads to errors in a project.

Based on our case study with Tyco, ArcSite can save up to 50% of the time involved in this process.

More and more sales and survey professionals are using mobile CAD tools to create and markup professional CAD drawings onsite. It saves time and improves close rates. Not to mention the design team can start with a precise editable CAD format and will not need to second guess the paper-based “chicken scratch.”

We’ve talked to multiple design teams who now refuse to accept anything other than ArcSite once they start using it.

Save your team time and headache, and start to experience more productive workdays with ArcSite.

Ready to Try ArcSite?

ArcSite is the best CAD software for eliminating the headache involved with cross-team hand-offs. Try ArcSite today.

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Design Managers: This CAD Software is the Answer to Messy Handoffs

CAD Software for Smoother Handoffs from the Sales Team

As a CAD software company founded by former AutoCAD developers, we are more than familiar with the frustrations that design teams face. Especially when it comes to the handoffs received from a sales team and other field folks.

Mobile CAD software for better collaboration

When we began to build ArcSite, we sought to construct an easy CAD software program that not only made design easier, but also cleared up tensions in the design handoff process.

Read on to learn how ArcSite results in smooth, quality handoffs from the sales team to the design team, eliminating tensions involved in that process. But first, we’ll give you a quick overview of ArcSite and how it’s different from other CAD software programs.

How is ArcSite Different from Other CAD Software?

ArcSite is different from other CAD software programs due to its mobility, ease-of-use, and high-precision, intuitive technology.

Our user interface is clutter-free, devoid of confusing toolbars. We eliminated excess and put power behind the most important features needed to do your job well. What’s more, anyone can fully learn the program within 10-20 minutes of using it, without any formal training.

As a mobile CAD app for iPad, ArcSite was built with a mobile-first approach. This means that you get an extremely high-quality CAD experience on mobile, which differs from many other programs that lack a fully functional mobile CAD experience.

easiest computer aided design software to learn for beginners

Best of all, ArcSite interprets your freehand sketches as you draw on the iPad and translates them to high-precision lines and arcs.

ArcSite eliminates the need to digitize paper drawings and transfer data. Everything is done once and digitally instead of having to rework.

With ArcSite’s cloud-based mobile technology, collaboration is smoother and easier than ever before.

Design Management Made Easy with ArcSite

As a design manager, your team likely works closely with the sales and field services teams.

What we have seen at many AEC businesses is that the sales team hands off a bunch of paper drawings, photos and forms to the design team. These take a lot of design time to interpret and replicate digitally.

mobile cad software for collaboration

ArcSite is being used by tens of thousands of professionals such as sales folks or surveyors to create professional CAD drawings onsite. These drawings can be directly shared with colleagues or imported into desktop CAD either immediately or later on.

mobile cad software collaborative

This way, your designers can start with a precise editable CAD format and will not need to second guess the paper based “chicken scratch.” Based on our case study with Tyco, ArcSite can save up to 50% of the time involved in this process.

More and more professionals are using mobile CAD tools to create and markup professional CAD drawings onsite. It saves time and improves close rates.

You too can experience a smoother work day with ArcSite.

cad software for team collaboration

Ready to Try ArcSite?

ArcSite is the best CAD software for eliminating the headache involved with cross-team handoffs. Try ArcSite today.

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CAD Software Shopping: 6 Qualities to Look for in CAD Software

What to Look for in CAD Software

CAD software is an investment that should go beyond traditional design. Whether you’re in the market to find an easier CAD software option or you’re new to the world of computer-aided design, we’ll let you in on the top 6 qualities to look for in CAD software today.

What we outline below will help your business excel beyond the design phase, and will end up saving you time, money and headache.

Reliable Mobile Capability

Mobile technology is evolving at lightning speed. You don’t want to appear to clients as if you live in the dinosaur age, and you don’t want to miss out on benefits of mobile technology for your business operations.

That being said, when you shop for CAD software, you should check out the mobile app associated with it.

easiest cad software to learn for beginners ArcSite

Fair warning that many CAD software companies develop mobile apps as an afterthought which results in limitations while using the app, such as dropped features.

At ArcSite, we developed our CAD software with a mobile-first approach, meaning the experience is fully optimized for mobile without compromising power, functionality and ease-of-use.

Your CAD software should be compatible with iPad so you can create and share drawings on the go, without needing to be in the office.

Productivity-Boosting Features

The CAD software you choose should have the capability to use data from your drawings to create other documents such as takeoffs. This way, you continue to benefit from the hard work you originally put into your drawing by easily repurposing this data down the line.

benefits of cad software for estimating construction projects

CAD software should eliminate the need for rework. However, this isn’t the case with many CAD programs, as very few are available in a mobile version.

With ArcSite, you create the drawing and/or input data on your iPad once and it’s done. This way, it’s already digitized. No paper is involved, and no paper-to-computer rework is necessary.

easiest cad app for beginners

Intuitive and Easy to Learn

Your CAD software should be easy and intuitive. Whatever CAD software you choose, make sure it doesn’t require you and your team to receive training.

Software should improve your productivity. What it shouldn’t do is drain it from the get-go. Seamless adoption among your team members is important as to not disrupt your operations.

Anyone should be able to pick it up today and start using it, especially as you hire new employees. When you’re shopping for CAD software, try a free demo of the software on behalf of your team to make sure it is simple to use.

At ArcSite, we offer a free demo of our easy-to-use CAD software.

Powerful Yet Practical

Your new CAD software should come with all the functionality you need to do your job right. However, it should also be practical.

easiest computer aided design software to learn for beginners

With many CAD software programs, there is an excessive amount of tools available, and an extreme amount of control offered in each and every tool. This is why you often see such crowded, confusing toolbars on the screen and often need in-depth training to use them.

With ArcSite, we included only the necessary tools you need to do your job and made them simple and easy to use.

We give you the control you need to within these tools without going overboard. There are no complex commands to learn. Just start drawing!

High Precision

When you’re searching for CAD software, you should keep in mind that high precision and the ability to scale your drawings is important to your success.

It’s especially important when you’re working with specific industry-defined standards for precision.

ArcSite allows you to easily scale your drawings. What’s more, it will automatically turn your freehand sketches into high-precision lines and arcs so you don’t have to.

Improves Sales

What you should look for in a CAD app is not only ease of use and practicality, but also the ability to double as a sales tool.

The CAD software you choose should have an interface that is clean and presentable for showing drawings to your clients in person.

Custom forms for construction associated with CAD drawing

With ArcSite, you can professionally demonstrate concepts in front of your clients on site or in the office. Aside from our clear and precise interface, the fast turnarounds and accuracy on client deliverables conveys a level of professionalism that will earn you new clients and repeat business.

Ready to Try ArcSite?

ArcSite is the best CAD solution for ease-of-use, precision, productivity and sales! Try ArcSite today.

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Easiest CAD Software to Learn for Beginners

Looking for the easiest CAD software to learn for beginners? You’re not alone.

Many people like yourself find that CAD software programs are difficult to learn how to use. Many people also feel as if learning traditional CAD software requires taking a full course in the subject.

easiest CAD software to learn for beginners

We’re happy to say that this isn’t something you need to be concerned about anymore.

Read on to learn how ArcSite was founded and what makes it the easiest CAD software to learn for beginners, as well as for experienced CAD users.

How ArcSite’s Easy CAD Software Was Founded

ArcSite was founded on the principle that CAD should be accessible and easy for anyone to use. After all, software is supposed to make our jobs easier, not slow us down.

easiest cad software to learn for beginners ArcSite

When our founder Pei Zhan set out on a mission to build ArcSite, he brought years of CAD experience with him. As a former AutoCAD developer, he understood the challenges that many faced with traditional desktop software–including the huge learning curve.

It was time to finally modernize CAD software. Equipped with this insight, Pei and his team of developers revolutionized CAD software.

Learn why CAD beginners and the most seasoned CAD users alike choose our simple CAD app for iPad.

What Makes ArcSite the Easiest CAD Software to Learn for Beginners

Simple & Clean Interface

ArcSite’s simple user experience starts with a simple look.

The clean and uncluttered interface of our CAD app for iPad allows you to focus on what’s important. It’s just like looking at paper on a drafting table. You get a clear view of your drawing and the toolbars are minimalistic.

easiest cad app for beginners

With our simple CAD app, there aren’t excessive tools in front of you that you don’t have a need for. This means that what you have in front of you are only the most important tools with the right amount of flexibility you need to adjust specific parameters.

The recognizable icons on our toolbar make it easy for you to identify their purposes. With ArcSite, you don’t need to learn any special commands or to spend time searching for what you need.

easiest cad drawing program beginners

Regardless, we are happy to walk you through everything in just a couple minutes before you get started with ArcSite. Sign up for a free live demo and we’ll show you!


ArcSite is made for taking on the road, which makes your job easier.

When you use ArcSite on iPad, suddenly you’re able to do your computer work in the field. Communication becomes easier with folks that are back at the office or elsewhere.

easy cad drawing app for beginners

With ArcSite, you can enter data, create designs, take photos, markup photos and plans, as well as access any plans you need on the spot. What’s more, you can share information immediately with others to streamline your workflow.

easy cad software for iPad - ArcSite

You will never need to redo plans on a computer, re-enter data or risk erroneous data entry again. ArcSite’s mobile capability allows you to enter information once and at the source.

easiest cad software ArcSite

Intuitive & Smart

ArcSite allows you to use your finger or stylus pen to freehand draw on your iPad screen, just like you would with pencil and paper.

It is the first and only CAD program that automatically interprets your drawing motions to create precise lines and arcs without requiring you to make corrections. However, we don’t restrict you.

easiest computer aided design software to learn for beginners

We have the functionality in place that allows you to input manual measurements if you wish.

Easy to Co-Edit, Share & Export

ArcSite is the easiest CAD collaboration software for iPad. Not only is the drawing experience simple, but ArcSite allows you to work on CAD drawings with others on your team, concurrently and within the app.

If you need to share a drawing or other file, you can do it from within the app. All it takes is just a couple taps of the screen!

beginner cad program for beginners

ArcSite offers you a variety of sharing and export options. For those outside of your organization who don’t have access to your central drive on ArcSite, you can share files with them by email, text or a variety of other ways.

The ability to export a file in several formats helps you remain flexible with delivering files in the way the recipient prefers or needs to receive them.

beginner CAD software - ArcSite

You can export a file in a format that can still be manipulated or you can export a file that is not editable. The choice is yours. Simply export in PDF, PNG or DXF.

Why You Should Try the Easiest CAD Software to Learn for Beginners

ArcSite delivers the simplest CAD experience without compromising quality and functionality. You or anyone on your team can start using our easy CAD software today without any training.

With ArcSite, you will save time, money, and significantly improve your daily productivity. No learning required.

Ready to Try ArcSite?

See for yourself why ArcSite is the easiest CAD software to learn for beginners! Try ArcSite today and say goodbye to the frustration of learning difficult CAD programs.

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CAD Collaboration Software for iPad

Looking for CAD collaboration software for iPad? ArcSite’s CAD software app is ideal for easily collaborating with all the people involved in a job.

There’s barely any learning involved in using this drafting app, and we make it as simple and flexible as possible when it comes to collaborating with your co-workers on drawings and more.

CAD collaboration software ArcSite

In this post, we’ll dive into the benefits of CAD collaboration software for iPad, as well as ArcSite’s features.

Read more to learn why our mobile CAD app for iPad is the best one available on the market for collaboration, ease-of-use, precision and productivity.

What Makes ArcSite the Ideal CAD Collaboration Software for iPad?

Easy Co-Editing & Sharing

ArcSite is the best CAD collaboration tool for co-editing drawings easily.

CAD collaboration program ArcSite

When you need multiple people to make edits on a single drawing, ArcSite gives your team the ability to work concurrently without compromising each other’s designs.

What’s more, change-tracking enables you to see who made edits where, and when the edits were made.

Having the drawings stored in one place for multiple team members to work on eliminates messy file sharing. It also eliminates the second-guessing that comes with exporting and important various versions of the same drawing.

Quick, Flexible File Exports & Sharing

With ArcSite, you have the liberty to quickly export files in various formats. This means that if you need to export something to a client in PDF instead of CSV, you can—and vice versa.easy CAD collaboration software

ArcSite gives you the ability to separate parts of your drawings into layers and then share specific layers with specific people.

So if the engineer needs to see a specific layer or element of the drawing that’s different from what the architect needs to see, you can send that specific part. Upon export, you can zoom to that part and export what you zoomed in on.

This is particularly helpful for giving subcontractors or installers the particular section of the drawing they need for their own work without compromising the integrity of the plan.

With this capability, everyone can get as little or as much information as you wish.

This ends up saving everyone time and confusion.

You can also export a file in a format that is still manipulatable, or you can export a file that cannot be changed by the recipient. ArcSite supports the following file formats:

  • DXF (for drawings)
  • PDF (for forms and takeoffs)
  • CSV (for forms and takeoffs)
  • PNG (for images)

With ArcSite’s CAD collaboration software for iPad, it only takes a couple taps of the screen to export or share a file. Simply choose the file, the format, and the delivery option (email, text, and more).

CAD collaboration software for iPad

What’s more, when you upload to your organization’s cloud drive in ArcSite, you can add a comment for your team to see.

Centralized File Storage

ArcSite is not only CAD drawing software, it also serves as a central hub for all your team’s documents related to a job. This includes photos, custom forms and checklists, drawings, takeoffs and more.

CAD collaboration software cloud

Everyone who has access to ArcSite in your organization can access the same information in one location. And, you can group all these files by project.

This way, everyone is on the same page and has accurate information on hand at all times.

Easy-to-Use CAD Interface

Anyone on your team can pick up our collaborative CAD app right away and start using it—even if they have no previous CAD experience.

Unlike many other CAD software programs, there’s no training required. It’s really that easy.

How is this possible? When we developed ArcSite, we were on a mission to create simple CAD software without a clunky, cluttered interface.

autocad 360 pro interface

AutoCAD’s interface

Our founders were former AutoCAD developers who were familiar with the challenges people faced when using traditional desktop CAD software. Equipped with this knowledge, the founders developed a powerful yet practical interface for ArcSite.

With ArcSite, there are no confusing toolbars or deep levels of commands. You simply get the features you need to do your job, along with the right amount of flexibility you need within each of those features.

Simple CAD Drawing Process

ArcSite’s CAD collaboration software for iPad offers you a simple CAD drawing experience. Just touch your finger or stylus pen to the screen and drag it as you would with freehand drafting.

collaborative CAD software

Drawing on an iPad with ArcSite is so intuitive, even more so than with any other iPad app.

Here’s why. ArcSite is the first and only CAD app that automatically turns your freehand drawing into high-precision lines and arcs while you draw. This means that even if you have a shaky hand, it’s not a concern. ArcSite is smart enough to understand your intention.

CAD drawing collaboration in the ArcSite app

Smart Technology to Streamline Your Work

Our collaborative CAD software is revolutionizing the way architects, engineers and construction professionals work.

Without making things complicated for you, we have powerful technology working behind the scenes to make your future work processes easier.

We provide some examples below to demonstrate.

ArcSite Uses Drawing Data to Create Your Takeoffs

If you create a drawing, ArcSite will track the numbers associated with your drawing and shapes to generate a takeoff file for you.

So not only do you save time in the drawing process, you also save time down the road.

This is something that simply cannot be achieved with pencil and paper. Our clients claim ArcSite reduces the time spent creating takeoffs, some even by 80%.

Generate takeoffs with CAD software

ArcSite Provides You With Custom Forms for Smart Data Collection

With ArcSite’s easy CAD collaboration software, you can create custom forms for your team to use out in the field.

You can create standard drop downs to promote consistent and accurate data, or customize the fields in any way and order you wish.

custom forms for site surveys and more

So whether you’re creating a site survey form for collecting data or providing a checklist for new folks who need more direction while walking the site, ArcSite makes this process “smart.”

See some examples of this are below.

Attach Pictures to Precise Locations

Field workers can attach photos to specific data or sections of the forms as they walk the site.

With ArcSite’s CAD collaboration tool, there’s no need to carrying around a camera and a separate paper form to later pair up at the computer. We provide a better solution.

From the site, you can take a photo with the ArcSite app, attach it to a specific part of a form (or a drawing) and this is instantly made available to anyone who needs to see it.

CAD collaboration software ArcSite

This means that if there are any questions from the field, you can see exactly what is going on at the job site from the office or on-the-go.

This saves time for you and for the workers on site by expanding your understanding of what is being encountered on site. This eliminates time-consuming, back-and-forth correspondence.

job site forms and checklists for fieldworkers

Create Client-Facing Deliverables to their Specifications

From your custom forms, you can set them up to appear in a certain way to your internal team and then create a different view of them for your clients.

This means that you don’t need to redo an entire form that’s already been filled out, in order for it to appear the way that your client is “used to” seeing it.

ArcSite’s technology makes this automatic and painless.

construction field data collection site inspection form

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How to Create Custom Reusable Shapes in a CAD Drawing

Wondering how to create custom reusable shapes in a CAD drawing? We have developed a solution that allows you to create custom shapes that can be used over and over again in CAD drawings.

This is so easy that you don’t need any training whatsoever to do this. All you need is the CAD app for iPad called ArcSite.

how to create custom reusable shapes in a CAD drawing

ArcSite is easy CAD software that doesn’t require learning and gives you the flexibility to create your own reusable shapes!

Read on to learn how to create custom reusable shapes in a CAD drawing program that’s easier to use than AutoCAD and other CAD drawing apps for iPad. But first, we will give you an overview of ArcSite so that you understand why it will benefit you significantly more than other technical drawing apps.

What is ArcSite and Why Should I Use it for Inserting Custom Shapes?

In addition to being easy CAD software for creating custom reusable shapes, ArcSite is all of the following, plus more:

  • The easiest CAD software for drawing, viewing and editing CAD drawings
  • A collaborative tool that keeps your entire team on the same page with co-editing, change-tracking and sharing
  • A takeoff generator that uses the shapes in the CAD drawings to automatically pull quantities and qualities of materials into a takeoff document for accurate estimates
  • A flexible yet simple CAD app that allows you to read, edit and export a variety of formats including DWG, PDF and CSV
  • Simple mobile CAD software that feels as natural as freehand drawing on paper and interprets your freehand drawing into perfect lines and arcs as you draw
  • A time-saving tool that enables you to eliminate the tedious task of transferring data from paper to your computer
  • Easy CAD software for iPad that doubles as a sales tool to demonstrate concepts immediately in front of your customers and impress them with slick, easy-to-comprehend drawings
  • A convenient way to carry your drawings and a centralized hub for all documents related to the project
  • A tool for creating and saving shapes at “industry standard sizes” so that each time they are dropped on screen, they are sized appropriately
  • A tool that the experts in the office can use to pre-define parameters for the shapes used in CAD drawings, and that the field users can use to easily drop consistent shapes into drawings
  • A means to create a library of shapes and symbols that your entire organization can access as to promote consistency in data and drawings

Create Custom Reusable Shapes in a CAD Drawing with these Three Steps

  1. Download a free trial of ArcSite for your iPad.
  2. Once in the app, select anything on the canvas, whether it is something you drew or imported.
  3. Give it a name and choose to save it at a particular size and unit.
how to create custom reusable shapes in a CAD drawing

Creating your own shapes in CAD is easy and quick in ArcSite. Reuse them over and over again!

If you would like an even easier way to create reusable custom shapes in CAD to insert into your drawings, we offer this as a service to our clients. This way, you get exactly what you’re looking for pre-loaded into your ArcSite account without needing to create the shapes yourself.

Please contact us to inquire about custom shape services at ArcSite.

Now that you know how to create custom reusable shapes in a CAD drawing, you’ll want to experience ArcSite for yourself! Create and insert custom shapes in CAD today with ease and without needing to learn any confusing commands or complex steps.

mobile CAD software called ArcSite

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Custom Forms for Construction Fieldwork

Searching for custom forms for construction field work? You can now streamline your construction jobs with checklists and forms that are custom made specifically for your construction business.

job site forms and checklists for fieldworkers

Best of all, you can get custom construction forms and templates that are synced up neatly with your blueprints and photos from the field. Continue reading to learn more about an app that will greatly improve the processes involved with construction management and field data collection, saving you time and money.

Custom forms for construction associated with CAD drawing

Field workers can access the forms on their iPad and associate it with a drawing from the same project

An App that Helps You Streamline Construction Jobs with Custom Forms

ArcSite is a mobile CAD app that your team can use to create, view and edit drawings, but it can also be used in the field to collect data on an iPad. This approach sends data back to the project managers, supers or other managers immediately. It also keeps your information across the job consistent and error-free.

blueprint created with arcsite cad drawing app autocad alternative

ArcSite is mobile CAD software that revolutionizes custom forms, saving you time, improving team productivity and improving data accuracy

If happy clients, decreased stress, meeting project deadlines and saving time and money sounds appealing, read on to learn how ArcSite specifically helps you streamline construction jobs with custom forms.

Create Easy Custom Forms for Construction Projects with Simple Drag-and-Drop Functionality

The ArcSite app gives subject matter experts (PM’s, supers and more) at your company the ability to set up simple web forms by dragging and dropping. We make it extremely easy for any expert in your company to set up. If you want, we will even set up the forms for you as a service we can provide to you.

Create Custom Template Construction Fieldwork

Manage all job-related files, including form templates, in one place with ArcSite


ArcSite custom forms can be administered online by experts in your organization, and used for data collection by fieldworkers

Share Consistent Data Across the Company

Another way that ArcSite’s custom forms help you streamline construction jobs is by enabling every user in the field to access and use the same form in the field. Your company can reuse the form template and this helps you ensure that your field workers are collecting all of the required information in the correct manner and order.

Get Instant Access to Field Data & Checklists

When your field workers are out walking a site while using ArcSite, the instant input of data into the app makes it immediately accessible to you and others across your company. There’s no waiting for your field workers to arrive back at the office or their hotel to enter data they collect on paper. With ArcSite, it’s all immediate, with no paper involved.

custom forms for site surveys and more

ArcSite allows you to streamline data collection in the field and immediately access it back at the office, or from anywhere

What’s more, if your field workers are new to the field and need a checklist as an instructional tool to take them through a task such as walking a roof, ArcSite will come in handy. Or maybe you have experienced workers that could just use reminders as to not forget any aspect of the job.

Whatever the case may be, ArcSite’s app will streamline the process of collecting data in the field with custom forms in digital format that are easy to create.

Associate Job Site Photos with Checklist Data to Get a Better Understanding

Another way that ArcSite helps you streamline construction fieldwork with custom forms is by giving your field team the power to take a photo and add it to data in the form. This comes in use when there is something spotted on the job site that needs attention.

construction field data collection site inspection form

This improves your visual understanding of what is going on at the site without needing to physically be there.

Prevent Human Error Involved with Manual Data Entry

Speaking of paper, we eliminate the human error involved with using paper checklists and forms.

Data collected on paper can get messy real quick, whether it’s from the natural elements or chicken-scratch handwriting. When using ArcSite, you eliminate human error. What’s more, when your workers enter data from paper to computer, the data can be misinterpreted easily. Whether they’re unable to read what they originally wrote, or that the data gets entered incorrectly into the computer, paper forms can lead to erroneous data.

mobile app for creating custom forms for construction fieldwork

Traditional data collection on paper comes with many inconveniences, including erroneous data

ArcSite custom forms allow you to maintain accurate data using features such as drop-down lists. This prevents inaccuracies due to wrongfully entered data, and it also promotes consistency.

To take this one step further, the consistency resulting from the use of drop down lists enables you to measure and track data across jobs to spot patterns or consistent problems that need to be addressed. This could help you better evaluate the performance and reliability of vendors and subcontractors to save you stress, time and money in the future.

CAD Drawings Created in ArcSite Sync with Custom Forms and Checklists

When you use ArcSite for creating, viewing and editing CAD drawings, you can streamline data entry for certain types of forms such as job takeoffs. ArcSite uses your symbols, shapes and the measurements of a drawing to create a takeoff document for you.

benefits of cad software for estimating construction projects

ArcSite generates quick takeoffs for you using data from your drawing and shapes

This can be bundled in one neat deliverable to be exported and shared with key stakeholders right from the app.

custom forms for construction exported from CAD app

Export Custom Forms in a Variety of Formats

Custom forms can be exported in a read-only format that is perfect for clients and others who need to view the data collected in the form. Or, you can export the custom forms in an Excel-compatible format so that the form can be further manipulated or continue to be used, which is helpful in cases such as estimating and bidding, for example.

construction field data collection form

Why Not Use Other Online Construction Forms & Templates Instead of ArcSite?

An important benefit of ArcSite’s custom forms is that you can create a different view of the form for clients, so that it doesn’t have to appear exactly the way the field worker sees it and enters the data. In other words, ArcSite empowers you to create an input workflow that fits the way your team works, along with the ability to create a different output for your client based on what they’re used to seeing.

Unlike other custom form products, ArcSite goes above and beyond the norm by giving you flexibility in order to make the production of client deliverables simple and quick. ArcSite allows you to create, store, view and edit custom forms all in one screen. Unlike other custom form services, there is no switching apps, screens, browsers or windows involved.

This streamlines your construction fieldwork processes, and it keeps everything consistent by using one app for CAD drawings and associating forms with those drawings.

With ArcSite, your construction jobs are streamlined from winning the bid to closing out the project. All the data, forms and drawings you need are in one place.

When you try ArcSite, you’ll be impressed by how easy construction management becomes—so much that you won’t want to revert to the “old way” of doing things.

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